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Wood Carving Love Spell

You will need to be able to carve wood for this spell and have wood carving tools and the use of a log burning fire. Take a log or piece of wood that is big enough to carve this upon it and that is without bark and is not green wood but dry. Then carve:

'Passion burns in my love (insert their name) heart for me (insert your name)
Passion stronger than the wood of a tree, 
Mightier still than any oak, 
Hotter than flames is their desire which I alone inspire,
Diana's power I invoke may (insert your love's name) desire for me burn without end as this wood goes up in smoke.'

Then take your beautiful carved wood, and yes burn it. As it crackles and flames devour it, see your love desiring you forever with an incendiary passion. When the carved wood is all burnt to cinders, your wood carving love spell is sealed and complete!



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