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Witchcraft For Love Spells A to Z

Love spells use many different magic ingredients and systems

A - Automatic Writing for predicting the outcome of a love spell. Astrology

B - Broomstick - Book of Shadows always contain love spells.

C - Cosmic Ordering

D - Dreams - The Mysterious World of Dreams


F - Fortune & Failure

G - Gemstones

H - Herbs For Love Spells & Other Spells.

I - Incense

J - Jupiter - The Lucky Planet

K - Kitchen Witch

L - Law of Attraction

M - Mortar and Pestle - Magic

N - Numerology

O - Ostara

P - Planetary Chart - best times to cast your love spells! Psychic

Q - Queen of Sheba

R - Rede of the Wiccae

S - Spell Casting

T - Temple

U - Universe

V - Visualisation

W - Wand - Wishes - Witch

X - Xanadu

Y - Yin & Yang

Z - Zombies



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