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Witch |wɪtʃ|

A witch is a woman thought to have magical powers. Witches are envisaged as wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, while flying on a broomstick with a black cat as her companion.

The word ‘witch’ comes from the Old English wicca (masculine), wicce (feminine), wiccian (verb).

Witches cast magic spells and make magical potions.


Witches have existed from the beginning of time, casting spells using nature: the seasons, planets, moon phases, herbs ... spell casting ironically uses all things natural to tune into the supernatural.

Witches keep an eye on the changing seasons which have special rituals that mark these traditional times in the year, there are 8 altogether and they create what pagans call the ‘wheel of the year.’ The sabbats help witches to stay in tune with the natural world and harness its magic.

Witches live by the law: An’ it harm non, do what ye will.

Witches have a magical diary called a Book of Shadows which will also contain spells, potions, casting methods, all written by the witch herself.

A witch should select a magical name for themselves, this helps them connect to the magical realms when they leave the ordinary world. Some witches have several magical names, to suit the work they are doing, many like to choose names of goddesses: Epona, Gaia, Brenwen or natural names such as Rainbow, Star, Sky...


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