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Wind Chime Love Spell

Love 'em or hate 'em, wind chimes are useful, yes you didn't know that before did you! This nice and easy love spell employs wind chimes to bring renewal and rejuvenation to your love life — easy as that, or almost. If your love life is staler than yesterday's laundry, this is the spell to bring that freshening wind of change and blow some romance into your life.

Take one set of wind chimes, they can be the acrylic or glass type or the bamboo variety, doesn't matter. What does matter is marking each chime with a magic symbol. If the chimes are bamboo you can use a magic marker or paint just inside the inner tubes. If they are acrylic or glass you can make tiny labels from sticky paper or sellotape tiny labels inside the chimes tubes.

The next step is to form your own magic symbol, so on a piece of paper practise making a monogram of your initials, and the letter V for Venus. If you have a lover and wish to improve your relationship with them rather than spruce up your love life possibilities, then include their initials in the monogram. This monogram should consist of your initials laid on top of the 'V' and a lover's initials on top of all. These should be surrounded by a five pointed star or pentagram. Make your labels, and stick them inside the chimes or paint them, whichever will work best with your chimes. Once you have painted or stuck your symbols in place in whatever manner, into each and every chime, chant over the wind chimes before hanging them:

'Venus as the breeze blows,
Through these chimes,
By your infinite power,
May my love life be refreshed,
Renewed and invigorated,
May love be drawn to me as the tide,
That swells the sea,
(add if you have a lover: May my lover (insert their name) more ardent be,
loving always only me,
omantic as when we first met and he/she was cupid's pet)
And it harm none,
So mote it be!'

Hang your wind chimes and there you are, each breeze which tinkles through them will refresh and renew your love life!






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