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When To Stop Loving

Love may hold us tight in its embrace, but as a Sorceress, I see many people that love long after it's time to stop caring. Of course, the human heart is a mysterious organ, and love the greatest mystery of all, but whatever our romantic ideals, whatever our hopes and dreams, sometimes it's time to say good-bye to love. As someone who has reunited people in the past, how do I know, from all my experience, when it's better to tell someone to consign their love to yesterday?

Sometimes I've known people who thought they were loved during their relationship, they've told me about it and I've known, the person they love, never truly loved them. Wonderful women have come to me and wept because the man they long for and love wholeheartedly, is not showing them love anymore, but in truth, he never really did. It's not that hard to tell if someone loves you, their actions speak for them, but we try to see what we want to see, because our hearts demand it. I've known women who have been used by the men they loved, sometimes married men, and these women have asked me to perform love spells for them, to bring their lovers back. These are men who chased these women with enthusiastic romantic sighs and protestations, men who even said they loved these women, but then wouldn't leave their wives. Or men who were coldly unfeeling, forcing women to do things against their natures, and wishes, while protesting love and some women have even been forced to terminate pregnancies by such men, and yet still want these men. In such circumstances, I have not agreed to help these women, or take them on as clients, because it would harm them further. The reason is these women were desperately in love with how these men were to them when they wooed them; they were not in love with the real men. These men were fake lovers, sham lovers, who pretended things they didn't feel to get what they wanted and then showed their real colours. No women deserve such men, and I wasn't about to help these women get landed for life with such worthless human beings.


So if your lover never treated you with kindness or consideration, once they inspired love in you, it's time to let go. If your lover never made you their priority in life, though you'd had a long relationship, let go. If your lover didn't consistently show you love by their deeds once you were an item, let go. A good sorceress can return them to you, but no witch with a heart would. Because once she's heard your story, she will want you to have the love you deserve as a valued human being. So if your lover fails in respect, fails to be loving or kind, fails to treat you with care, while you are with them, consistently treating you as a convenient inconvenience, let them go and ask a witch to help you find that special lover who is waiting for you, right now as you read this. They will help you, and be delighted when your suffering is replaced with that happiest of human states, mutual love, respect and caring. You deserve no less.

Of course even the happiest of lovers can have rows and problems, break ups, rifts and regrets. These people can and will be helped by potent love spells, because love spells work best only where there is something real to build upon. If a couple have loved, their love may be rekindled and burst into flame once more; so many take each other for granted and love spells can certainly change that and reveal people's deepest inner feelings to themselves.

But if you gave your all, and your lover never appreciated the great gift you bestowed on them, I, as the Sorceress, can tell you, someone will give you love in return for yours, unstintingly. Someone will make you glad that you let go of love and found love at last.

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