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Willow Tree Heartbreak Love Spell

This love spell is for those who are in emotional pain that results from their relationship or relationship break down and want to feel better about it as soon as possible. Find yourself a weeping willow tree, it is a sacred tree in Wicca, which conducts those who have died to Summer-land, or the afterlife. This willow will lead your sorrows away from you and make you feel peaceful.

Take hold of the end of the end of a slender tendril like branch of the weeping willow tree and visualise yourself relieved of the burden of painful emotion and see yourself happy and carefree. Do this for as long as possible, in fact you may, if you wish, practise this spell daily until this love spell has completed it's task. Then chant and as you do feel the negative feelings leaving your body, sense how much lighter you feel with this weight gone:

'Willow tree please take away my pain,
Please give to me healing from this strain,
May my heart uplifted be,
My your gracious power oh Willow tree!'
Your Willow tree heartbreak love spell is now cast.




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