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Wedding Ring Love Spell

If your keep your marriage partner has eyes that don't just like to wander, they love to roam, keep them faithful through the thick and thin with this wedding ring love spell. This spell is very quick and easy to cast, which is necessary considering your partner may be very close by, so make sure they don't overhear you or discover you mid love spell casting! You can recast this spell which strengthens it whenever you feel the possibility of it being needed. 

While they shower or sleep discretely 'borrow' their wedding ring, remove yours too and place them together on a small dish and chant quietly:

' Juno,  in my marriage aid me, goddess of matrimonial fidelity, 
Please bring my marriage love's loyalty,
May my husband/wife (insert their name) live with me happily without strife,
Please ensure that he/she contents himself/herself with great desire for me,
Great Juno I request their loving fidelity,
May we be bound as these bands of gold, 
In endless circles of love,
So may your blessings unfold.'

Quickly replace your ring onto your finger and your marriage partner's ring and know that now, your love's gaze will certainly wander, over you and you alone. 


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