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Wedding Ring Love Spell

If you've reached that time of life when you realise you'd like to get married but there are no suitable candidates, why not hurry love along by casting this wedding ring love spell? All you need do is buy yourself a 'wedding' ring. Any ring, whether it real or faux will do, as long as it resembles a wedding ring.

To cast this love spell, wear the ring on your wedding ring finger, light a red candle and chant:

'Venus I would find a love,
By your power here invoked may it be,
That my new love I see,
With this ring he/she will marry me,
An it harm none, So mote it be.'

Let the candle burn down till it is all spent. And remember to wear the wedding ring on your wedding ring finger as often as possible, though not in public or it may put off the one it calls to you! When around others keep the ring on your person or in your bag. Your wedding ring love spell is now cast!



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