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Visualisation - great for assisting love spells!


Visualisation is perhaps the key tool of witchcraft (including love spell casting), whether working as a witch or someone who wants to manifest wishes into their own lives. It's long been known that visualisation is very helpful to us all in creating the outcome we want, in many ways. Patients with cancer are advised to visualise the cancer as something harmless, like a dandelion head, the seeds blowing away in the wind seed by seed until they are all gone, as a metaphor for their cancer shrinking in size until it's vanished. This technique is thought to aid recovery immensely. In psychiatry visualisation is given to patents as a tool to help them relax in uncomfortable situations by rehearsing the situation, their role in it, coping well and the outcome they want before they enter it. It is a wondrous tool for overcoming fears and phobias, anxiety, and realising your dreams. Today it is widely believed that the mental images formed through visualisation are vital in their role in the brain for memory and how we think.

As a witch I am practised at visualisation, seeing the results of my wishes appear before my eyes is an integral part of my magic love spell casting ritual. I see in my minds eye the goal I wish to manifest and this charges my spell and gives the wish power and energy in my mind. In my mind, I see the goal, it exists already there and my spell will carry this vision into reality and transform it to the desired result. Visualisation exercise for health, healing and granting your wishes.

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Relaxation is important so start off by finding a quiet spot where you can relax, undisturbed and sit or even lie down comfortably. Then begin with this breathing exercise. Close your eyes and breathe in slowly and deeply from your stomach to the count of five, hold the breath to the count of five, then release it to the count of five. If you are doing this correctly your stomach will expand as you breathe out and contract as you breathe in. Concentrate on your breathing for this time, nothing else matters. Listen to your breaths, do this for a few minutes or until you are deeply relaxed.

Now you are ready to start visualising. The mind's usual kaleidoscope of surreal images will come, unbidden into your mind, allow this and choose one of them and concentrate on that. Clear your mind of all the other images. Let your thoughts weave around this image alone. Maintain this image for as long as you can. Practise until you can hold this thought for a few minutes comfortably.

visualising man

When you have enjoyed practising doing this successfully several times, then go on to choose something to memorise. Choose whatever you like and explore it with touch, scent, the subtlety of all it's colours, form, how light models it, shadows, texture and weight. Pick it up and feel it. After examining it carefully, close your eyes and see it only in your minds eye. Practise this with different objects until you can hold them in your mind alone for five minutes or longer.

Now create something new with your mind; have fun choosing anything you like; a mermaid, a triple headed flower; the ideal lover, whatever you wish and imagine every detail of this thing, scent, colours, textures, form, weight everything, until it seems complete. If you've chosen a perfect lover for instance, imagine them dancing around the room, walking away, what they look like from the back as they walk away as well as from the front. When you can make and hold onto this image for at least five minutes well done!

Now you're ready to visualise this object or person in the real world. So with open eyes look and see the object beside you on a table, see the sunshine falling over it, it's so real you could touch it. Or see the perfect lover leaning against a wall, smiling at you, reaching out their hand to you, winking at you perhaps or sitting on a chair waiting for you to begin a conversation, idly smoothing their clothes, moving a wisp of hair from their eyes, waiting for you to speak. See your images, real, even living, moving in the world around you now. When you can do this, you can alter reality and hopefully make the world a better place for yourself and others. The mind harnessed in this way, is so powerful it can help heal the body, bring love, wealth and success to you. I also use this technique when bored; it can be entertaining watching my images cavort about the room when I'm in a dull situation! Just be careful as you may end up laughing out loud and surprising those around you at inopportune moments.

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