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Virgin Galactic Spaceship

Richard Branson is making mankinds dream come true. Rich has built a spaceship called “Eve”, it will be ready for trips into outer space soon. You don’t have to be an astronaut to go, hence don’t worry if you ‘flunked’ your A level physics, chemistry or needlework examinations, you can still go if you have approx £100,000.00 for your ticket.

On 28th July 2008 a Virgin Galactic rolled out of a Mother-ship and is now ready for test flights. With luck everything will be up and running for 2009, therefore, if you are wondering where to go for your hols during 2009, wonder no more.

How do you get your ticket? Easy-peasy: http://www.virgingalactic.com/flash.html?language=english It couldn’t be easier, simply pay a $20,000.00 deposit - is Rich Branny American suddenly? Whatever, all they require is your date of birth, gender and email addy etc. It says nothing about having a British passport or anything like that.

Once you’ve got your ticket or tickets, if you are going away with a friend or lover, you need to get yourself to Mojave Spaceport, that’s in the Californian desert.

You will become famous if you go on the first trip, which will be 'a bit of a lark’, and you’ll be able to make a mint selling your story and recoup the cool £100,000.00 you forked out to go. You may even get to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show, although maybe Oprah has her name down to go anyway?

It seems you might not actually land anywhere on this first trip, instead you’ll look out of the window and see “the cobalt blue sky turn mauve, indigo and finally black”, and out of the corner of your eye Sir Richard Branson’s beard.

After admiring outer space and levitating around the spaceship, the pilot will ask you to return to you seat as gravity returns, then “the pilot announces that SHE (she? Wow it says SHE: http://www.virgingalactic.com/flash.html?language=english) is about to 're-feather' the craft for a graceful glide home."

Who is this SHE, I hear you cry? Is it I, BEATY? I am not prepared to say right now, but if the truth be known, I have to tell you, I know all there is to know about ‘re-feathering’, I like to think I am gifted in the re-feathering department.

Of course it will be super safe and a great success, Richard Branson is a Cancerian, which means he is a pioneer, and Cancerians are home birds who worship their mother, hence why Richard decided to name his spaceship after his mummy.

By the way, you need to train for three days before you an go X atmospheric.

Hurry though, there are only 250 seats available per trip... Download your brochure today!

Below is a picture of the view you can expect to see when you look out of spaceship Eve's window.

space universe

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