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A Violet Love Spell

Violets have been associated with love since the ancient Greeks and even Pliny thought them so relaxing and soothing to the mind and soul that he suggested wearing garlands of violets to heal headaches, and if your headache is stress and tension related that may well work. This violet love spell is for those already in a relationship that needs a little livening up and some shared sultry nights because violets are used in love spells for their aphrodisiac properties.

You will need a large bunch of violets for this love spell, and some rose oil. Now pick of the violet flower heads. Then take your lover's pillow and undo the stitching at one end. Now add the violets to the pillow's contents and sprinkle the interior of the pillow with the rose oil. Then sew the pillow back up, preferably with a sewing machine. Your lover's head will now touch the pillow at bedtime, but it wont stay there for long, his senses will be enlivened and he will desire you more than ever!









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