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Top 10 Love Spell Rules - in no particular order


1, NEVER, talk about your love spell, not even to your best friend. Spells MUST be kept a secret.

2, Don't expect results overnight, firstly no spell can build up enough power overnight to work. Secondly, what spells do is rearrange fate, so fate is rewritten and it has to fit in nicely with other people as well as yourself. It's not impossible you won't get a big sign of hope fast though!

3, Doubt and worry are natural, therefore do not go believing this will ruin your love spell.

4, Focus on the outcome you want, think about it as often as possible.

5, If you have used a real witch, most likely you have paid for your spell, this is called your sacrifice, you will not have to 'pay' in any other way. Nothing is free, you do have to exchange energy (money usually in return for results, and this will be agreed between you and your witch before the casting starts. When you buy a spell from a real witch you must accept he or she is going to do their best for you, they want results for you.

6, Wait until results appear. No matter how long it takes do not give up hope if you want results. Giving up switches a spell off as love spells bring to you what you want, they psychically connect to you, and will know when you give up hope. Don't worry if you panic for an hour and decide to give up but then change your mind, spells will know you are having a tough time coping, rather than really giving up.

7, Live your life as normal while you wait for your love spell to work. Hard yes, but the best thing.

8, Except your friends might be unsupportive if you have been hurt by a lover, your friends are scared you'll get hurt again, and they might feel they are doing you a favour by helping you to forget him or her.

9, At all times be positive towards the one you love - and honest, game playing and nastiness will not help.

10, Unless the one you love is refusing to communicate, stay in touch, this makes it easier for them to ask for a reuniting. In a positive environment things flourish and grew, in a negative one, a situation deterioration and destruction takes place. Love spells are for love, therefore you should act lovingly at all times.



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