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The Love Spell Of Your Name

Many believe that our names have a powerful magic about them and really do influence what happens to us in life. Elvis, for instance means he of the beautiful voice according to some sources, so choose baby names and their meaning very carefully. In the ancient days of Mesopotamian predominance when the Babylonian and Assyrian empires were all powerful, long before Rome appeared on the world stage and later when ancient Egypt and then Persia were the mighty powers, names were thought strong magic and used in love spells, to gain power over a divinity and to ward off evil or bring success. It was then thought that to simply know the name of a spirit or divinity was to hold sway over even the strongest supernatural powers and their actions; by merely saying the name, one invoked the deity’s power and could use it to perform one's bidding for magical love spell usage.

The ancient Israelites believed, (and who is to prove them wrong) that by changing our names we could change our destiny and even avoid any punishment for misdeeds that awaited us after death. The only time that hiding behind a new name could not so save us was thought to be if we had called someone by a mocking nickname. But Rabbinical teaching today has not made up it’s mind whether the real power of what we are called comes from how others then proceed to view and so treat us and how we then accordingly see ourselves through the window of our names, or whether there truly is a supernatural force at work, assigning fates to those according to the exact formulae of our names. When you consider that the name ‘Adolf’ means ‘great wolf,’ and that wolves, however unfairly and misleadingly, have been known since antiquity as vicious and wily scavengers, it seems there is something going on, whatever the cause. In Biblical terms, names always have a meaning that describes who they truly are or their destiny in life. Adam means red earth, the clay from which he came. And the God of the Bible too changed people’s names according to the changing destinies bestowed by him. When he told the Israelite Abram and his wife Sarai that they would become the patriarch and matriarch of nations and generations without end, he also bestowed upon them new names, Abraham and Sarah, Sarah meaning princess and Abraham meaning father of nations.

So it your love life lacks the love you desire, it maybe time to change your name to something that may change your fortune and so create your own love spell, (but do remember that when casting love spells you need to include your birth name as well as any new name that you may choose to go by). The name Angharad means really loved, while Dodie means deeply loved, and Amanda it seems is always extremely loveable. Was Shakespeare wrong when he said, ‘a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…’ Perhaps its time to change our names and find out, maybe the most obvious love spell begins with our names, who after all, sees romance in a name such as Madge Crustworthy, but call the same woman Rosa Summer and hearts may well flutter. Sorry Shakespeare, it seems for once you were so very wrong.

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