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Tea Leaves Readings

Tea leaves readings are known as Tasseography. Tasseography is an ancient Chinese method of divination in which a cup of tea is prepared using loose tea and after the tea drinker has drunk their cuppa, the pattern left by the tea leaves is thought to be sympathetic to the vibrations of the tea drinker’s aura. The tea leaves reader will use his or her intuitive powers to decipher the messages, images and patterns revealed by the tea leaves.

To read your own tea leaves you must make yourself a cup onf tea using loose tea preferably in a white cup with no patterns. The best tea for readings is China tea but you can use any big leafed tea.

After drinking your tea, leave a small amount of liquid and the leaves in your cup, next hold the cup in your left hand as your swirl the cup around at least three times in a clockwise motion. Swirl quite aggressively.

If you have swirled properly you will find the tea leaves in clumps - you may find traditional symbols such as an horse shoe, alternatively you might recognise a shape that means something to you personally.

tea leaves readings

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