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A Tattoo Love Spell

This is a very old love spell that many use without realising its power. Tattoos are not for everyone, but if you love them, this is a love spell that you can enjoy. However, make sure that you only use this love spell on a long-term romantic partner who is already committed to you and that you are absolutely certain you wish to commit yourself to for life, because like former lovers, old tattoos can be things we would rather erase! To cast this tattoo love spell you will need to have a tattoo applied to your body, but it must not be a large showy tattoo, it should be discrete and discretely positioned where only you and your lover can see it. You will have to design the tattoo which is much easier than it sounds. To do this write Venus first and then below that, write both your initials and then draw a circle around them. This is a protective circle. Then draw a love heart around the circle.

Of course you can design your own love spell tattoo with symbols that are meaningful to you, but ensure that you use Venus's name for protection and so invoke her power in giving you enduring love and your romance protection. Also make sure that you use a symbol for your partner that identifies them certainly and the same for yourself. Ask your tattoo artist to use red ink for the love heart, for Venus's name and both of your initials or symbols.

Once you have had this tattoo applied, take the drawing that you showed the tattoo artist and which your tattoo love spell is based upon and burn safely to seal your tattoo love spell wish. If your partner also has the same tattoo, it will doubly bind you both together in happiness forever.










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