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Sugar Lump Love Spell 


This is a very simple love spell to cast, especially if your lover has a sweet tooth. You can use this love spell in any drink, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, wherever a sugar lump can be used. This love spell will sweeten your lover's love for you and add romantic sparkle to your love life!

Of course you need a sugar lump, press it lightly to your lips and chant:

'Sweetest sugar kiss, 
With this sugar lump I find bliss,
Through it Venus power I invoke,
To bring my lover love for me,
Sweeter than sweetest honey,
My lover's love from this sugar shall take,
A fuel of love makes him/her for me ache,
This love for me shall be so sweet and good,
That his/her love shall expand and become power in my hand,
So that all will know our love for each other is understood,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now kiss the sugar lump and put it into your lover's hot drink and make sure they drink it! Your sugar lump love spell is now done!




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