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Stress Love Spell

Stress is a build up of emotional tension caused by modern day worries about EVERYTHING. Ideally, you need to relieve your stress by transferring the energy into positive, psychic energy which love spells always use.

St down and think about how stressed you feel, then think about the one you love in a positive manner, think about what you want to happen - daydream - notice how you now feel less stressed.

Think again about your stress - breathe in deeply, exhaling and as you do so imagine all of your stress and tension being blown away, and sent out into the universe to be transformed into positive, 'fee'l good love energy.

Now, feel your heart filling up with warmth and love, your stresses have dissolved and gone, your heart is feeling bigger and happier as you smile and laugh, smiling and laughing creates ‘feel good hormones’ - you may well be faking it to start with, but keep it up, you will soon feel better and realise you do have control over your destiny.

Mentally close the door on stress and think about your new happy life, the longer you do this the more you will realise yes, your new future is possible, you will start feeling better, much better and intuitively know love and happiness are on their way.

The law of attraction states that when you are positive, you will attract more of the same, so why not turn yourself into a love magnet? Natural science i.e. mother earth and the universe are always trying to bring to us what we are requesting, now you’ve stopped requesting stress albeit unwittingly, you can now attract what you truly want, including the lover you wish. Simply keep sending out positive vibration about the person you love which will attract the same back to you. Basically your love has now changed frequency, you are no longer receiving stress vibrations, you have moved onto a calm, positive, happy love fill frequency.




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