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Stonehenge Return a Lover Love Spell


It is thought that the building of Stonehenge began in 3200 BC, theories differ as to its usage but one thing is sure, this spectacular stone circle was sacred to those that built and revered it's majesty. It is unlike any other place, the awe inspiring grandeur of its ring of blue dolerite stones makes a powerful impression on the visitor while the legends that grow from this spot, ensure that it is an unforgettable experience. 

All the energy, built up over thousands of years by the tides of ancients who brought this henge to life with their prayers, hopes and beliefs makes this circle like an electric grid, that can fuel your love spell. 

Of course modern visitors now see the henge presented as a tourist attraction, roped in on set walks around the circle, with many visitors always around to prevent the privacy most helpful for a love spell casting. But if you are prepared to cast your love spell quietly and under your breath, you will still be heard by the powers of this place and your results may be spectacular. 

If you do want to cast a Stonehenge love spell, once you are within the boundaries encompassing this monument, find a spot on the path which appeals to you and stop. Whilst staring at the stones visualise your lover coming back to you, their heart full of love. Then, beneath your breath chant:

'By the mighty forces of this place,
Encircle me with your grace,
I pray thee grant to me,
My lover's (insert their name) love by your bounty,
May my lover to me return,
That we shall be ever reunited,
As all shall learn,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Your Stonehenge return a lover love spell is now done!



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