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Stars - Which Stars Might Help Your Love Spell?

Stars are enormous balls of luminous plasma. The nearest star to the Earth is the Sun which gives light and energy on Earth. The geometry of the Earth : Moon : Sun order creates the lunar phases that repeat every 29.5 days - witches use to their advantage.

The Moon and darkness have always been associated with the witch and her night time activities, casting love spells and magic.

The Moon and stars which influence fate (astrologically) are both of paramount importance to spells and love spells, for their powerful of influence!

What makes the planet Earth different from the other eight planets in the Solar System is water, water covers a good two thirds of the Earth's surface. The Moon is known to effect the high and low tides of our planet, human beings also have high and low tides (our moods); the Moon does affect our bodies and our minds, since our body is 75% water.

The Sun’s energy is obvious, we feel its heat and see it shinning. The energy of the Moon is also felt, it has a large influence on our actions and emotions (the word lunatic is derived from 'luna').

Other stars such as Mercury are affecting us too in ways not visible to the naked eye.

stars and planets


The Sun - Sunday.
Colours: gold, orange and yellow.
Governs: healing

The Moon - Monday.
Colours: silver and white.
Governs: emotions and psychic powers

Mars - Tuesday.
Colours: reds.
Governs: stamina and courage.

Mercury - Wednesday.
Colours: lemon, black and white.
Governs: the intellect, communication and travel.

Jupiter - Thursday.
Colours: Purple, dark blue,
Governs: wealth and good luck

Venus - Friday.
Colours: light to mid blues, greens and pinks.
Governs: love and beauty.

Saturn - Saturday.
Colours: black and brown.
Governs: agriculture.

Other stars

Pluto - Tuesday.
Colours: red and brown.
Governs: magic

Neptune - Thursday.
Colours: grey and pale blue.
Governs: psychic powers

Uranus - Saturday.
Colours: electric blue and shocking pink.
Governs: technology.


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