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A witch will use spells and magical remedies for any kind of problem or wish. Amazing things can happen when a witch casts a spell!

Free Magic Spells

Witches cast spells for absolutely anything, some popular ones are: love spell, money spells, beauty spells, wishing spells, career success spells, fertility spells, health spells, weight loss spells, domestic disputes spells, neighbour problems spells, examination success spells and anything you can think of ...

Results can appear anytime, it depends on how complicated a problem is, or how large a wish is, i.e. how much work your spell has got to do. As soon as your spell has been cast it will be working on your situation.

Will my spell backfire?
No, I am only supplying safe spells.

Sadly human nature is such that I find many people assume they must suffer in order to experience something good, this is not the case, magic can be used for the betterment of our lives and the lives of those around us.

Is it not wrong to cast a love spell on someone?
No, spells and charms are 'magical', and positive.

How does a spell work?
My spells use nature's energies and yet ironically work on a supernatural level, the unseen realm, the world above this one, where wishes manifest before they become reality.

I have read a spell must be kept secret?
Yes it is true, everything about spells and magic is invisible to the naked eye, and cannot be watched or measured, or even proven to exist. Talking about spells weakens the power and lets in other peoples energies, thoughts and opinions, your spell must be your secret.

Will my spell work?
Yes, all you need to do is want your wish to come true.

I am using another witch’s spell, can I use you too?
Of course, naturally all positive spells work positively only, they don’t attack each other or cause things to backfire.More than one spell will work together in harmony.

Are results guaranteed?
No witch can guarantee results, anyone one who claims they can is not being truthful. Having said that most spells stand a very good chance of working!

The one I love is in another country right now, will your spell still work?
Yes, time and space are instantly penetrated by witchcraft.

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Easy spells for you to try:

Thought Forming

Thought forming is when you use your psychic energy to create changes.

Write down on a piece of paper your wish. Relax and focus on what you have just written. Next gaze in front of you and ask your higher self for help. Now forget what you have just done and hide your paper away for 24 hours before repeating the process.

Repeat this exercise at the same time of day after 24, 48, and 72 hours.

New Moon Wishing Spell

You will need 9 white candles and 9 pieces of paper.

Begin this spell on the first night of the New Moon and continue you for the next 9 consecutive evenings.
Write your wish in capital letters on each piece of paper and place a candle on the top of each one. Light and burn a candle each evening while at the same time visualising your desired outcome.

new moon

Affirmations can be used for any wishes.

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