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Snowball Love Spell to Melt Cold Hearts


Is your lover angry with you, perhaps being a little frosty? Or perhaps the one you love is cool toward you and wont give you a chance? This winter love spell will help and is simple to cast. 

First all you need do is write down on a small piece of paper your name's initials, your lover's name's initials, surround them with a heart and then write 'B I L F B V P.' These letters are a secret love spell love code for ' Both In Love Forever By Venus Power.' Twist the piece of paper so it becomes a small ball. Next of course you need snow! Make a snowball around the little ball of paper with your love spell code on it. Leave the snowball outside and chant over it:

'Venus please hear my prayer,
When this snowball does melt,
So shall the heart of (insert your love's name) for me,
Melt with love for me as this snowball in the sun,
Each beat of his/her heart beats with love for me every one,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Leave your snowball to melt over the following hours or days and as it does you will find your love growing more and more loving toward you. Your snowball love spell is now cast. 


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