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Roman Fertility Love Spell

Birdoswald is a Roman fort beside Hadrian's Wall. This place is rich with past happenings, and the treasures and secrets of our ancestors. A Neolithic grave has been found here and it is thought that a substantial Dark Age Hall is also lost by time beneath this place. King Arthur's life too is connected to this spot, (perhaps the Dark Age Hall was his?) the battle of Camlan, his last, was said to have taken place here. Add to this the fact that an ancient Roman carvings of a phallus, a fertility symbol and other obscure carvings are etched into the millennia old walls and you have a place redolent with energy and forgotten power which you can tap into.

So if you wish to increase your fertility go to Birdoswald and hope that there are no spectators to see you cast this Romanfertility love spell!

To cast this spell, stand beside the carved phallus and chant, but while you chant imagine yourself conceiving a child, see it, feel it, know it and then begin:

'Power of this phallus bring to me the luck of the god's and fertility.'

Your Roman fertility love spell is now cast.



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