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Robin Goodfellow Love Spell

Robin Goodfellow, also known as Puck or Pook in Ireland, is a fairy or elemental, long known as a prankster, a joker who enjoys playing naughty, boisterous tricks and jokes on humankind. This is not usually the kind of fairy anyone would invoke, but if someone is coming between you and your lover, then perhaps you may be feeling devil may care enough to invoke this mischievous spirit. 

If so visualise your lover and you being left in peace by this interfering third party. Then leave a small offering of food for Robin Goodfellow and then begin to chant:

'Robin Goodfellow please help me,
Others will not let my lover and I be.
Please ensure that my lover and I,
Will be left alone to love and live in peace,
May all interference in our romance cease!
An it harm none, 
So mote it be.'

Now leave the offering and do not touch it for at least two weeks and your Robin Goodfellow love spell is now cast. Good luck!



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