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Rice Paper Love Potion

For this love spell you will need a sheet of rice paper and some nougat. Take the nougat and either cut it into fingers or if already sliced, cut out the rice paper to fit the length and width of the slice of nougat. Then using lemon juice as invisible ink, write upon the rice paper:

'My love (insert their name) is hungry with passion for me (insert your name).'

Now place the nougat onto the rice paper with your invisible love spell written upon it. And you can put a different love spell wish upon rice paper for each piece of nougat, keeping your wishes loving and kind and also bearing in mind that harmful wishes will be revisited upon you three times worse than what you wish upon another. So carefully make your wishes so that they can harm or upset no-one. 

Now serve the nougat to your loved one and enjoy seeing their appetite for you grows with each mouthful of rice paper love potion!


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