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Reuniting Lovers

Like DJ's witches do get number one requests and the thing we're most frequently asked to do, is to reunite couples. This is no easy task, whatever some may advertise, this is the most complex and difficult of procedures. Obviously when a couple split up, it is usually amid scenes of anger, rancour, hostility and don't even mention trust, that flew out the window for them both, the minute one of them decided to leave the relationship. On the surface, couples that have recently split up feel as friendly towards each other as the western world does Mugabe. So much pain is involved, so many hurtful things said, with shock and total breakdown of even simple friendliness, that asking a witch to resolve such a situation, is asking her to perform one of the feats of Hercules. She certainly needs all her magic arts at her command.

To understand quite how difficult this is, one needs to understand the thinking of the departing lover, especially if male. In order to leave someone, men usually take down that adored idol in their heart, their lover and smash it. They thought before she was beautiful but now in their minds, she has all the charms of an incontinent arachnid. Before they loved her passionate nature, now she's become, 'a mad bunny boiler.' All her previous charms are inverted and turned into faults in his mind, or at least this is what the lover will attempt to do, to justify his coldly leaving someone, who perhaps days before, was someone for whom he had felt real devotion. If he doesn't turn her into a Gorgon in his mind, he can't leave her, all the reasons he's loved her would stop him and fuel him with enough regrets to set a new passion for her burning once again. Women also do this sometimes but to a much lesser degree, usually feeling they do not have to invent any reasons to leave a man, the truth maybe bad enough.

The departing lover will usually want no or very little contact with their abandoned lover, probably about as much contact as they want with Hannibal Lecter. It is usually at this stage that the woebegone lover will contact a witch and ask for help, to make everything rosily romantic between the two again. To accomplish this takes real magic, love spells, wisdom, patience and compassion, from both the witch and her client.

The witch will provide the reuniting love spells, a shoulder, a guide and wisdom fit for Solomon; she's seen this situation time and again. But the client needs real fortitude too, compassion for his or her ex and patience to wait for the love spells to bring the desired event. In political situations, peace talks between nations are notoriously problematic and can take decades. But somehow clients expect not only magic but also miracles, when it comes to the personal arena. Of course these spells will not take decades and hopefully not years, as this is magic we're dealing with, but the client needs to be prepared for the long haul. A couple may become lovers in a night, but to heal a sundered pair, to heal all the wounds and on top of that, inspire a renewed love and desire, will usually take far longer than a day or a week.


When lovers split, the departing lover will often make matters worse by looking for someone new, to take their minds off their broken relationship. So the love spells not only have to heal and reunite but also ensure the mind of the lover who maybe now desperately on the hunt for new romantic opportunities, is foremost with his ex, that no-one new will take root, that no new relationship can flourish. When a man leaves a woman, he will usually hide from her, disdaining all contact, his mind firmly set on pastures new. The reuniting spell's first task is to get him to long to contact his, or her ex. In fact most men who leave a woman will, at some point, make contact again, just to reassure themselves that they’ve done the right thing in going. This is the chance, however it comes about, for the left lover to start helping their magic along and speeding the magical process.

In order to relate this more simply, we'll call the departing lover David and the left lover Sophie. David left Sophie after a big argument, and he's laid low for a month. At that point, distraught Sophie gets a call one night from David, he's made up some excuse to call her, he wants to be sure she's as awful as he's recently told himself. So Sophie remembers what her witch has told her, she doesn't scream, cry, hassle or nag, Sophie is enchanting, Sophie talks to him as though he's an old friend who has been away for some time, she's casual, relaxed - seemingly - and asks him no intrusive questions. Sophie sounds as if she's enjoying her life, David has left no hole, no gap, like an upturned boat, she's righted herself and happily sailed on, enjoying her life, her social life, thank you. Sophie doesn't flaunt other men in David's face, but she leaves him wondering why on earth she sounds happy and not giving him hell like he expects her to and deep down like he knows he deserves. Sophie is having a good time, thanks.

Behaving like she isn't needy, isn't pulling out her hair for him to return, piques David's interest. His ego doesn't like this; Sophie should be rending her garments, covering her hair in ashes and wailing daily around the aisles of Sainsburys. She should be near certifiable, all for love of him. That she's happy, casual and relaxed really makes him feel uncomfortable and begin to doubt his decision to leave her. What is going on? Sophie has been warned that telling him he's an S.O.B and screaming blue murder at David, will only give her temporary satisfaction and drive him away forever. Why would he phone back? Would you? The magic love spells or his nature have got David to call and the magic will keep working on the situation and ensure that that one call isn't the last Sophie hears from David. Frankly, he doesn't stand a chance, as long as Sophie uses her mind, not just her heart, in fact, she should put a stopper on her heart, until the time for love and flowers returns. She needs to think clearly, not emotionally, she needs her wits about her, David may just return to her on the instant, one never knows where love spells are involved, but more likely he will take some work from both her witch and Sophie herself before he does.

Not only will Sophie require strength to endure the slings and arrows and long lonely nights, while waiting for David's return, her witch may suffer too. The witch will suffer often along with her client, she will try to be a rock, a place of strength and encouragement at all times and this can get wearing for the witch too. She wants her client Sophie to realise her dream and she the witch will do all in her power to bring this about, but being a confidante, 'older sister,' fountain of wisdom and solace is tiring, so try to appreciate all the effort your witch is putting in for you, all the hours of answering your queries and worries, your fears, let alone the hours preparing and casting your lovespells.html at ungodly but propitious hours. Your witch is human too, with her own life, her own stresses and strains and she will do her best for you, but remember to show her consideration too. A witch’s lovelorn clientele are people she gets to know and feels a certain responsibility in guiding them through the pitfalls and pleasures of reuniting. But equally, sometimes she may have her own problems, a sick child, a parent who is seriously ill and at times needs some space to herself to deal with life's daily difficulties. A witch will get emails round the clock from clients who have just started in this magic process of love spells and they may be distraught, feeling wretched and the witch will soothe and calm but remember, she needs to sleep, eat and go shopping too. She needs to attend to her own family and her own romantic relationship. She may be helping many clients, not just your case and like a doctor, she can be inundated with anguished cries for help. It can get emotionally and physically draining for a witch, even though she does have strength, she does have answers, she is still mortal so treat her well, be considerate at all times. Never exhaust your witch, she wants the best for you, give her the space sometimes to achieve that. Desperation can make clients so single minded that they forget a witch has needs of her own, they can forget everything but their terrible pain and their only thought may be finding a painkiller. Your witch will give you lasting pain relief through her magic love spells but she cannot be there for you 24/7 without collapsing herself.

ex girlfriend

Her witch will tell Sophie, 'Don't do anything that's anti your love spell.' But what sort of behaviour constitutes anti-spell behaviour? Obviously refusing to have contact with David would be anti-reuniting. But also pushing him away by behaviour that is unhelpful in any manner, can be contra the result Sophie longs to see. If she broke down in tears and pleaded for his return, (well we all know the contrariness of the human heart) that would work against the very thing Sophie pleaded for and be anti her spells. David would feel comforted and emboldened to forget Sophie and carry on straying. Telling David she has another man would be anti her spells, it might make her ego feel better for a day, but why would David return? If Sophie were cold or unfriendly, that would be very unhelpful to her cause, she must ensure her company is pleasurable, without seeming to make any effort. David wouldn't even think there was room for him in Sophie's life anymore, if he thought there was another man. But it is helpful for him to wonder how and with whom, she spends her Saturday nights before he starts to ask her out again. The fear of another man poaching on what David still thinks as, his territory, is very helpful to Sophie's situation. In fact if you don't really, deeply love your ex, don't try to get them back, because it sometimes takes dedication, not only from the witch, but from the client too. Cool heads, clear thinking, positive actions only and the willingness to put up with the mud the ex lover may sling, including fresh pains and not hold it against them, not tell them they were always a jerk anyway, but breathing deeply, withstanding all the rubbish they may inflict, all the bad behaviour, until the day when, hallelujah, they realise they've made a mistake, they do love their ex and there's no place like home, in his or her arms.

Sophie has to endure contact with David while knowing he believes he no longer loves her. That will be painful for her, salt in her wounds, to endure knowing he maybe after every babe in town, except her. Sophie has to get on with her life, with one eye out for David and how she may help herself and her spell work. You see, this is not an easy task, but it can be done and is done often, the circumstances dictate how long it will take for the reuniting to take place. But when it does and David sends Sophie one red rose, all her irritation at his past cruelties at inflicting such deep wounds on her heart, all the hurtful things he said and done are forgotten in one moment. Now Sophie and David are starting a new relationship. The past is dead don't try to dig it up. The moment Sophie ever brings up any recriminations, 'How could you have..." etc., is the moment David will wonder why he is interested in Sophie, rows will begin and that couple will not stay together for long. Every time a client does something anti-spell work, they’re also doing something against themselves and against their own happiness. You may think well, David deserves hell after treating Sophie badly before. Sure he does, he deserves hell, but Sophie doesn't. She deserves happiness and bringing up past hurts and taking the bandages off old wounds will only make them bleed afresh. Besides, if Sophie is wise, she will remember the most vital quality of love is compassion and forgiveness. David hurt her possibly too deeply to bear, but he is only fallible, like Sophie is, she may even have contributed to their break-up and to let love really breathe again and be healthy or even to reunite, she must forgive David. David has been a fool for treating someone he loved badly. Of course he still loves her, he will be confused, love is hardier than we often think, it does not die so easily, it can outlive any break-up. But he has inflicted a wound not only on Sophie but also on himself, although he will never admit it. So Sophie will look on him with compassion and she will make it better and help them both, by helping him to create a new and happy future, together. David is only human, and at least he's realised his mistake and that Sophie is worthwhile and worthwhile treating beautifully.

lovers holding hands

A big mistake that some people make, is to assume that because their lover is paying them attention again, that they can expect things to be just as they were before they split up, even that they get instant exclusive rights. If they had previously seen each other nightly, they may expect to do the same again. If they had been married they may expect to move straight back in together, or if they were living together they may expect to get given the keys to the front door again. Of course it rarely works like that, the relationship must be considered as a brand new relationship, with all the stages to be gone through again; it's unlikely that you moved in with your ex the moment you met, when he first started calling you 'adorable.' So expect a new relationship but do not necessarily expect all the hearts and flowers you got first time around. Men in this position, usually think they won you the first time and if they have any inkling that you still want them back, they wont see the sense in winning you twice, job already done. But they will see the sense in spending more and more time with you, until one day your relationship goes back to the stage it was at and a healthier version too or further on. The magic of love spells is that they are positive, not selfishly forcing another to do one's will, but rather encouraging harmony, laughter and renewed and refreshed love, where before there was only unhappiness for both parties. Love spells are real blessings, the wishes of the ex partner, granted by divine forces for the good of both parties only.

David sends Sophie affectionate texts now throughout the working day; they see each other midweek and at weekends. One day they will marry, Sophie has asked for a marriage spell to be cast. This will happen because the marriage love spell, along with Sophie's co-operation, will ensure that the couple are getting on so well and all is so rosy in their garden, that David will want to make Sophie his for life. But for now, Sophie behaves in a similar way to when she first met him; she has to let David do the chasing, let him feel manly, as though he is winning a prize each time he wins a bit of her attention, this fires him up and he feels great and one day he will win all her heart back. Till the day he offers her his heart again, Sophie is taking good care of her own, not offering it to David on a silver salver. In this way David has to woo her, view her as precious, enjoys doing so and the romance is returning. You can see why I say don't bother with this process unless you truly love your ex, because it takes stamina, guts and real strength to see this through, they have to want their ex with all their heart, with certainty and not be put off by any negativity they may have been shown. This process is not for the impatient, not for those that might prefer someone new perhaps, if she or he were better looking, richer or better in bed. Real love does not consider those things, if you feel like that then you want a love attraction spell to draw new love into your life. And real love can be best described in the following way:

Love is long-suffering and kind. Love is not jealous, it does not brag, does not get puffed up, does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

Love never fails
1 Corinthians 13:4-7,13

And if you asked all the Sophies and Davids who have gone down this magical road and are now happily established couples again, they'll tell you, it was worth it; magic love spells can bring lasting happiness, if that's what you truly want and you truly love. Love and magic are an unstoppable combination, the real and divine powers of the universe, harnessed for the good and lasting happiness of you both.


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