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Return a Lover Full Moon Love Spell

The full moon is certainly the most potent ingredient when casting a love spell, not only has the thinning of the veils taken place when the moon shines, but at the full moon, the moon is at its most powerful. In witchcraft, we are not known as wise or 'cunning women' for nothing, our herbal medicinal skills (used both for human and veterinarian purposes) were renowned and a part of the reason for that is that we harvest plants and herbs when the moon is full and the active phytochemicals of plants are at their greatest potency. If you grow your own fruit and vegetables, try picking them when the moon is full for the greatest health benefits, you will notice the difference. The full moon affects every living creature, humans being made of 70% water, the gravitational pull on us by this celestial power should not be underplayed. Affecting us at atomic level, the moon of course affects our emotions too, our whole beings, and this is why casting love spells at this time is the most efficacious time of all and brings more powerful results. So this full moon love spell is for those who can wait and not for emergency situations or impulse love spell casting, plan ahead for the best results! So this series of love spells is for difficult situations where full power is needed to effect a change in a situation. The first of these full moon love spells is a return a lover love spell, because this needs the full power of the moon behind it for quickest results. 

Firstly it is important to calm yourself and comfort yourself with the knowledge that however distraught you maybe, magic can certainly, without doubt return your lover to you. Whatever grief you may be feeling, know that through magic your sorrow will be turned to happiness and reunion. Then try to turn the energy of grieving into the active energy of hope and certain knowledge that whatever pain you feel, it will soon be gone. Make your heart peaceful and think only of yourself and your lover starting a new relationship, and it being better than whatever you have previously enjoyed. The full moon will bring you this change, so put all your energy and hope into this love spell and you will be smiling again in no time and thanking your very lucky star!

Take one photograph of your lover, and if you have a lock of hair too, so much the better. Place these items in front of a talismanic candle which you will now make into a talismanic candle! First it should be a red candle (red is for love) and then inscribe into the wax:

'By the power of the divine (insert your lover's name) and (insert your name) are happy in love together.' Then inscribe 'Venus,' 'Aphrodite,' 'Juno,' 'Isis.'

Then you will need a red rose and a columbine flower and some rose incense. 

To begin casting your love spell play some music that consists of a bass that has a strong, slow and hypnotic rhythm. Then clap your hands to bring energy and light your candle and incense. You need to alter the atmosphere in order to cast magic, and magic is cast by your mind, which is highly attuned to atmosphere. You need to create a special time and a special feeling in order to cast a love spell. Then stare into the flame and feel your energy coursing through you, the energy of your desire to be reconciled with your lover, channel all your hurt and pain into positive energy while thinking only positively. Now see yourself happily reconciled with your lover, and imagine your lover loving you passionately and see them, smell them, feel their skin beneath your touch because your are conjuring them up so strongly with your mind, using all your sense memories. You should do this for as long as you can but ideally for an hour or even two. Then clap your hands again and strew the petals of the rose and columbine (safely) into the flame of the candle while chanting this spell:

'Venus, Isis, Aphrodite and Juno,
Through you my love (insert their name) and I are reconciled, 
In love once more we are together, 
Though there be sunshine or bad weather, 
Through you and your powers divine, 
I am his/hers and he/she is mine, 
My love (insert their name) and I,
Through your might  we do love each other day and night, 
Always together in felicity, 
Thanks to you so we must be,
Reconciled forever in love, 
By your gracious powers from above,
Strong, enduring is our love,
As your power shall move us, 
As you wish it, so men prove, 
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now you may allow the candle to burn down safely. Then bury the remnants of your incense, candle wick, lock of hair and photograph beside a rose bush to seal your love spell. Above all keep that positive energy flowing through you after casting, replacing fears and sadness with happy anticipation!

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