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Queen of Heaven Love Spell


Frigg is the ancient Nordic queen of heaven, wife of Odin and so mother of the pantheon of gods and goddesses. She is also the goddess of childbirth, sex, fertility, marriage, children and enlightenment. The 7th of January is her day, so if your love spell can wait that is the perfect date to invoke her, otherwise you may well find her helpful in your love spell casting at any time of year. Of course she is also useful to invoke for any of the matters of which she is goddess, but here we are invoking her aid with restoring happiness to a marriage. 

Light a red candle and inscribe her name onto it, light it and then chant:

'Frigg, queen of heaven please hear my plea,
Bring a happier marriage to me,
May my husband/wife love me truly for their life,
May they think themselves lucky to have me for wife/husband,
May our marriage fulfilled and harmonious be,
A marriage of light, warmth and honey,
May we have days of bliss that are always sunny,
Within the wall of our love may no-one dare dare to intrude,
And may your power ere bring us good,
An it harm none, 
So mote it be.'

Now visualise your marriage being happy and fulfilled, your queen of heaven love spell is now completed. 




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