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Queen Mab Love Spell 

Queen Mab is known now as a fairy creature or elemental spirit, but in days long dead, she was, many think, a Celtic goddess, the Welsh Mabb, and or Irish Medb or even Mara of Scandinavia, who had similar ways. Queen Mab is known to enchant people's dreams with things that are unattainable and cause longing for what cannot be. So this love spell is about causing your love to dream of you as desirable but unattainable, to long for you. 

Fetch a red candle, inscribe Queen Mab into the wax and then light it. Then find an offering for Queen Mab, perhaps something nice to eat such as biscuits or small cakes and place them somewhere near the candle where Queen Mab may see them. Now ring a bell with a high tone and then chant:

'Queen Mab I thee invoke,
My lover must of me dream,
And long for me as cat doth cream,
By your power to enchant,
I ask of thee this boon and dream,
That my love (insert their name) will see me though unseen,
In his midnight slumber's dream,
And in this dream he will desire,
Me with burning lover's fire,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now leave the candle to burn down, leave the offering untouched for at least two weeks and your Queen Mab Love Spell is now cast.



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