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Psychic Readings

with Lenny & Kenny

There are 4 psychics in our family: our sister Beaty, our psychic super dog pet, Benny, and ourselves Lenny and Kenny. We are sometimes asked, what is psychic? And how can a psychic reading help?

We always tell anyone who asks that we are all psychic, we all have six senses, it is just that matter of getting in touch with your higher self. You can increase your psychic powers, and there are tools you can use to help you tune into the psychic realm such as the Tarot. Our mate Pythagoras said "the Universe is mathematically precise and everything is predictable." The Egyptians had a chat between themselves about what Pythagoras had said, then created the mathematically precise Tarot which tunes into every moment in time. The Chinese are very smart too, as you know, not only can they eat with chop sticks and don’t like using weapons, such as knives and forks to eat with, they cooked up another method that is very handy when conducting psychic readings - the I Ching, also referred to as the Book of Changes. This system uses Hexagrams and the Hexagram covers every moment in time too: past, present and future, the Book of Changes is guaranteed to suss out what’s going to happen in the future, that is how a psychic reading can help you.

psychic readings by information lenny kenny
Psychic Medium Gemini Twins - Lenny & Kenny

Someone discovered the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), was the same as the I Ching system - which made their eyes pop out of their head:

• Both DNA and the I Ching are based upon a code that generates a system of 64 possibilities from two sets of trigrams (a trigram has three lines within the I Ching and two sets of these trigrams create an hexagram. DNA has a double helix of three possible acid groups (acid groups = nitrogenous base, a sugar, and a phosphate.)
• Both systems involve transformation: in the I Ching, moving yin and yang lines change the hexagram. With DNA, point mutations occurs when one nucleotide base changes into another (nucleotide base = organic compounds that consist of three joined structures i.e. acids).

I Ching is a set of 64 hexagrams, these hexagrams are made up from 2, 3 line arrangements of broken or unbroken lines, which themselves are calculated from throwing three coins up into the air while thinking about your question - need to know more? Fancy doing your own I Ching psychic reading for free? Click here then, we are not just pretty faces with glossy heads, we are sharing with you ancient secrets for unlocking your future. As our best friend, witch Jenny said while patting her pet raven on the head “if a door is locked, you need a key to open it”, so do take a look at LoveSpells.org.UK's I Ching Free psychic readings webpage, it holds the key to what will happen in the future, if you need to know about love or anything else, use the I Ching.

As sis, Beaty and her chums has covered the I Ching, we are discussing the TAROT. We would say that psychic tarot readings are the most popular, as they are a very powerful tool for tuning into the future - you will be doing your own free psychic readings before you can say “deoxyribonucleic acid." You will tune into the future and have all of your friends knocking on your front door keen to obtain one of your free, accurate, genuine psychic readings. You will amaze them and probably yourself when you predict their future. We said to our best friend, Jenny the witch “Jenny, instead of a black cat like most witches, we predict you will get a pet raven to ride pillion on your broomstick” Jenny gasped and confessed that she had that very day been to her local pet shop asking for a "psychic pet to cast spells with." “You need a raven" the sales lady whispered, “we will have 4 psychic ravens coming in next Tuesday”, Jenny rapidly paid the deposit on one bird and picked it up first thing on the Tuesday morning, and as never looked back since. So, Jenny felt if the Tarot predicted her broomstick companion was a raven, then it was meant to be! Jenny named her raven "Renny", to us he is “Renny the psychic super bird.“ Ravens are very intelligent, you cannot pull the wool over Renny’s eyes.

jenny and her pet raven kissing
Jenny and her psychic pet raven love each other dearly.

Back to the Tarot, so that you can become a psychic reader.

There are 78 tarot cards, and cards 0 to 21 are known as the Major Arcana - 'Arcana' as some of you will already know, means “profound secrets.” The other cards are made up from four suits of the Minor Arcana: Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands.

The Major Arcana relates to important lessons you need to master within your life. These cards represent all aspects of human life: Physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Explore the inner you, uncover your strengths, weaknesses, hopes, fears ambitions and dreams.

How to Conduct a Psychic Reading Using Tarot Cards

The first thing you have to do is pick up your cards and give them a little tap to cleanse them with your sensitive left hand which is connected to the right had side of the brain - the psychic side.

Next, shuffle your cards concentrating on the question you want answering. You will intuitively know when you have shuffled your cards enough, spread them out into a fan shape, and select 10 cards (no peeping). Lay the cards out as per the diagram below (face down):

celtic cross for free tarot psychic readings

1. Significator - this card represents the mood of the issue.
2. Obstacles - the second card points out any obstacles or problems
3. Foundation or basis of the situation - relates to your worries, goals, wishes and influences.
4. Immediate past - what led to the current situation.
5. Expectations - goals, dreams, wishes and best possible outcome.
6. Near future - the next stage of the situation.
7. Attitude - how the situation is being approached.
8. Influences - surroundings, people, home and workplace.
9. Hopes and fears - may represent a warning or inspiration.
10. Outcome - the final outcome you can expect based on the other cards in the spread.

Now, turn the cards over and analyse their meaning, listen very carefully to your own feelings and intuition.

Major Arcana:
0 - The Fool
1 - Magician
2 - The High Priestess
3 - The Empress
4 - The Emperor
5 - The Hierophant
6 - The Lovers
7 - The Chariot
8 - Justice
9 - The Hermit
10 - The Wheel of Fortune
11 - Strength
12 - The Hanged Man
13 - Death
14 - Temperance
15 - The Devil
16 - The Tower
17 - The Star
18 - The Moon
19 - The Sun
20 - Judgement
21 - The World

Minor Arcana:

The Suit of Cups - Cups govern love and emotions.
Page Of Cups
Knight Of Cups
Queen Of Cups
King Of Cups
Ace Of Cups
Two Of Cups
Three Of Cups
Four Of Cups
Five Of Cups
Six Of Cups
Seven Of Cups
Eight Of Cups
Nine Of Cups
Ten Of Cups

The Suit of Pentacles - Pentacles relate to financial matters: career and material objects.
Page Of Pentacles
Knight Of Pentacles
Queen Of Pentacles
King Of Pentacles
Ace Of Pentacles
Two Of Pentacles
Three Of Pentacles
Four Of Pentacles
Five Of Pentacles
Six Of Pentacles
Seven Of Pentacles
Eight Of Pentacles
Nine Of Pentacles
Ten Of Pentacles

The Suit of Swords - Swords represent intellectual pursuits, communication and social interaction.
Page Of Swords
Knight Of Swords
Queen Of Swords
King Of Swords
Ace Of Swords
Two Of Swords
Three Of Swords
Four Of Swords
Five Of Swords
Six Of Swords
Seven Of Swords
Eight Of Swords
Nine Of Swords
Ten Of Swords

The Suit of Wands - Wands portray growth, enterprise and physical energy.
Page Of Wands
Knight Of Wands
Queen Of Wands
King Of Wands
Ace Of Wands
Two Of Wands
Three Of Wands
Four Of Wands
Five Of Wands
Six Of Wands
Seven Of Wands
Eight Of Wands
Nine Of Wands
Ten Of Wands

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