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Human Design System

Human Design System is a relatively new style of reading not offered by any other witch on the Internet. The Human Design System is a direct link between the time of your birth and coded secrets hidden deep within your DNA. As well as genetics, the Human Design System combines quantum physics, biochemistry, astronomy, the I Ching, astrology and the chakra system.

How it all began:

On a mountain top in Chile an eyewitness saw a supernova take place. A supernova is the death of a star after it explodes and according to the Human Design System the death of a star which scientists named 1987A sends a vast amount subatomic information to our Earth in its dying moments.

At around the same time on 3rd January 1987 a Canadian scientist called Robert Krakower was living in Ibiza when he experienced a revelation: Robert was ‘penetrated’ by a ‘voice’. Terrified, with his hair standing on end he listened as the voice asked “Are you ready to work?” For 8 days and nights the scientist worked transcribing in great detail the Human Design System. After his revelations Robert Krakower had a new name: Ra Uru Hu.

The Human Design System analyses the primary link between the exact timing of your birth and DNA. Using a computer and binary code taken from the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I Ching, which are directly related to the 64 codons of your DNA, your astrological birth data is integrated with a bodygraph.

The Bodygraph

The bodygraph, which is a biochemical chart of the human body. A bodygraph is a mandala that has an outer circle representing the hexagrams of the I-Ching, inside another circle depicting the zodiac. Our 9 centres correspond to the Hindu chakras and create a pie-shaped chart within this circle mirroring our astrological influence. These 9 centres are connected by a system of 36 channels. Seven of the centres are traditional Hindu chakras; two modern ones: the spleen and the self were introduced by the ‘Voice’. The individual centers all have a number of gates which are at the end of the channels, and are a derivative of the Kabbalah. The gates and channels are the roots of a person's identity and reveal the paths they are taking in life.

To obtain your bodygraph, you need to input your birth data into a computer. Your bodygraph contains two lots of information. One based on your date, time and place of birth, and a second built on the period of around 12 weeks prior. The first data refers to your personality, the second relates to your inherited characteristics known as your design.

human design system

There are four different types of human beings:

There are 4 types of humans - 70% generators, 21% projectors, 8% manifestors, 1% reflectors.

Manifestors - These comprise of around 8% of the population. Their purpose is to take action, after informing people of their intention to put things into operation. They are the only type which don’t wait. Their theme is anger. Saddam Hussein was a Manifestor, and George W Bush is another example. The world has been controlled by Manifestors, however, their time is nearly over, Projector will be in the spot light in the near future. Manifestor children are often considered 'difficult' because they don't like being told what they can and cannot do.

Generators - These are workers and they make up 70% of the population. They are energetic and full of stamina. Their strategy is to wait before responding, rather than to try to initiate. Their theme is frustration. Albert Einstein and the Dalai Lama were both Generator. Generator children are expected to behave like Manifestors by their parents, but like to be asked to do things, not told.

Projectors - They consist of 21% of the population. Their strategy is to wait to be invited and their theme is woeful. They have the potential to guide the energy of others. Tony Blair is a Projector, Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela were born projectors also.

Reflectors - They form just under 1% of the population. Their strategy is to just wait (28-day cycle) and their theme is disappointment. Their decision-making tends to be impractical. They are potentially the wisest of the types. Michael Jackson is a Reflector.

How Can You Find Out More Information?

There are many Human Design System experts offering a basic free readings on the Internet to whet your appetite in hope that you will take advantage of one of their full life changing services.

Acknowledging your mental, emotional, physical and psychological constitution can improve your entire life: health, career, love and relationships. However, the Human Design system has to be used to gain its full results.

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