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Princess Cassandra was a super-babe, so beautiful that she attracted the attention of Apollo. Knowing that the Princess wouldn't be lacking in the latest must haves and jewels, her suitor gave her an unusual gift to win her affections, the gift of premonition, being able to forecast the future. Strangely unmoved by this, Cassandra spurned Apollo's charms, so feeling rather aggrieved, Apollo took his revenge by cursing Cassandra, so that no-one would ever believe her premonitions, or so the ancient Greek's said in their myths.

Since mankind's infancy, we've believed in the existence of the premonition, usually as a supernatural warning of coming disaster or delight, given to those with paranormal abilities or sometimes prophets. On occasion it's evident that a premonition is merely the culmination of rational reasoning, insight and intelligence, as when Count Otto von Bismarck (1815 - 1898) declared, "If there is ever another war in Europe, it will come out of some damned silly thing in the Balkans." But just as often as prosaically explicable premonitions appear, so too do the uncannily, inexplicable forecasts, popping up like multiplying rabbits from hats.

Calpurnia, Julius Caesar's wife dreamt that a friend of his would stab her husband. She begged her Julius not to go to work that day, would he listen? 'Silly woman, bothering me with her silly dreams when I have to get to work,' he probably thought. And so that day he died, care of his loving friend Brutus. Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865) had a premonition of his own death and funeral, which he repeated to his wife and bodyguard. That evening, during the performance of a comedy at the theatre, he was fatally shot.

Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar should have listened to his wife!

Whatever forms premonitions take, usually occur during sleep in psychic dreams or nightmares, or as messages from the spirit world, as guts feelings or intuition - that uneasy feeling - or even automatic writing, it seems clear that they are evidence of our underused psychic sixth sense. Whether they are evidence that our minds have abilities that far outreach our brains, or if they hail from some supernatural life force, warning and inspiring us with disasters or good things to come like animated greeting cards translated through our unconscious, we may never know.

Harriet Tubman (1820 - 1913) was born a slave in Maryland, who was beaten as a little girl by a furious slave owner, who threw a heavy metal weight at her and so began her seizures, hypersomnia, head pains, intense dreams and premonitions from God, as Harriet believed. She grew up to be a courageous and remarkable woman who escaped her captivity, returned to rescue her family and kept returning to the scenes of brutality, to bring 300 other slaves to freedom. Her missions crackled like electricity with danger, with high prices advertised for catching those she was rescuing. But Mary's psychic premonitions warned her of which places she would be captured in, as she saw herself caught by the soldiers in her nightly dreams, so she took circuitous routes to evade them and always did.

Premonitions are most often associated with a feeling of disquiet, uneasiness, and anxiety without an apparent or logical reason. But equally premonitions can sometimes be foretelling something lovely that is about to happen. People do have premonitions about friends they have yet to meet, and a rare romantic treat is when people dream of their soul mate, months or weeks before first meeting them, destiny perhaps?

On 14 -15th April 1912, the great luxury liner the Titanic, sailed into the iceberg that sunk her and abruptly ended the lives of 1, 500 passengers and crew. This infamous tragedy still shrieks out to us from its ocean bed tomb, the weeping wound that hasn't healed in popular imagination, often still portrayed in film and books. But it is not widely known that 42% of the berths of the Titanic were empty on her fateful maiden voyage. The reason for this was investigated by a shrink, Ian Stevenson, who noted 19 cases of premonitions, dreaming of the ships' horrific sinking, while others made the 'excuse' that it was bad luck to sail on a maiden trip. Still others, like Lawrence Beesley, got their premonitions a little late. He couldn't understand till afterwards, what made Lawrence get his life-belt out of his wardrobe. Nervously on board too, was Elizabeth Shutes, a governess, who smelt a scent reminiscent of her visit to the Eieger Glacier, Elizabeth became nervous but couldn't understand why and couldn't sleep. Another passenger, Mrs. Esther Hart, had a strange feeling that the Titanic was far from the unsinkable wonder proclaimed in all it's pre launch publicity. Listening to her gut feeling that catastrophe would occur, she read and knitted through the voyage's nights and slept all day, waiting for doom to appear, as she knew it would and did, during the dark watches of the night.

The ill fated Titanic

From both anecdotal and scientific evidence it seems that premonitions are a very widespread and common phenomena, that we all have meaningful dreams, whether we realise it or not, we all have the good fortune to be visited by the guiding hand of premonitions.

Carl Jung, (1875 - 1961) the famous shrink, who also founded analytical psychology, had a premonition whilst asleep that the whole of Europe was flooded by a deluge that reached the mountaintops of Switzerland. He saw thousands drown as the water turned to blood, presaging the First World War. During that war, Hitler was serving as a front line headquarters runner for the Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment. One day he fell asleep in a muddy trench and had a dream that made him leap from the trench to safety, just as a shell landed, exploding and killing everyone in that trench instantly.

Nils Bohr, (1885 - 1962) was a Danish physicist who won the Noble Prize in Physics and is said to be the most influential physicist of the 20th century. Nils had a premonition dream about 'atomic structure' and then directly inspired by this, propounded his theories, used by science today on atomic structure, bonding and sub atomic particles.

So how can we enhance our likelihood of hearing the warnings or happy news that is given us via premonitions, these guides to the best and safest paths for us, the insights to things as yet unseen and not grasped by our conscious minds?

future premonitions

Start thinking about your dreams when you awake in the morning, recollect as much as you can and hold the memory. Do this before you let thoughts of your life, or the day to come, intrude. Then keep a voice recorder or notepad by your bed and write down any powerful dreams you have. If they appear to tell of futurity, or seem unusually powerful, note every last detail of the dream, nothing is insignificant as premonition dreams often use symbols to talk to us. Make a note of the date and tell those close to you if you think you may have had a premonition, one day you may need to act upon it, to warn others, for your own personal safety or to help you make decisions that will bring lasting happiness into your life. Premonitions it seems are an honest guide that speaks to all of us, whose only aim is to help us find a safer and happier life. One day your life or happiness may depend upon your paying attention to your dream premonitions. Are you listening?

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