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Predict Your Lover Love Spell

Sometimes Venus can be too generous and we don't know which lover to choose from amongst those who wish for our favours. It's a harder situation than some might think, if you like all your possible choices equally, how do you choose, how can you know before you begin a relationship and cast off the others, which one will be best for you? This love spell will help you find out.

In autumn gather acorns, as many as you have choices, or at other times of year go to a pet shop and find some sort of squirrel treats, one each to represent those from amongst whom you must choose. 

Now place the acorns or titbits onto a dish, lining them up from left to right in strict order, and marking each with a penknife to form the initials of your potential lover. Then consecrate them to Venus in this way and chant:

'Venus please pick for me, 
Which lover shall it be?
Which lover should I choose, 
Which discard and un-regretting lose?
By you emissary may a squirrel pick,
The titbit/acorn that I leave that represents the lover which,
You choose for me as being best, 
Better far for me than all the rest,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Now take your titbits or acorns and line them up from left to right in the same order as before, each put them in a prominent place outside where you have seen squirrels. The acorn or titbit that Venus firsts directs  the squirrel to take, will be the lover Venus directs you to choose. But wait, if having seen that Venus's choice for you seems wrong and not the one you hoped the squirrel would be guided to take, then your heart has answered you and you know already which lover you want, as Venus herself knows. 


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