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The Romans may have had a brutal culture but they had some very romantic and lyrical ideas. Outside the Porta Capena in Rome, in a sacred grove, you see what a lovely idea, lived the Camenae, goddesses who cured diseases and made psychic predictions or prophesies of the future. In both Greek and Roman mythology the three Fates, Moirai in the plural, or Moira, singular, decided our destinies and how much suffering we would undergo and the length of our lives. Now you know who to complain to... These Fates were described as old women, spinning the cords of human destinies. Clotho spun the 'thread,' Lachesis gave it out and Atropos snipped through the thread, so ending our lives.

There are many forms of psychic prophesy or prediction that have been employed since man first started to worry about his future, so obviously since humankind first staggered about the earth. Means by which we try to make predictions include; astrology; numerology; fortune telling; water divining; dreams; scrying; augury and I Ching.

The most famous predictions on world events that have proven to be true were made in the Bible and by Nostradamus, although his predictions are hotly disputed. Still, many ascribe to him the prediction of the Great Fire of London, the dangerous rise of that well-known person of restricted height, Napoleon, the appalling Adolf Hitler and even the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Centre. Hot stuff Nostradamus! Congratulations, it's such a shame you couldn't spell, then we'd really have been forewarned. Spelling 'Hister,' rather than Hitler, made it harder for us to recognise the short man with behavioural problems and the terribly unflattering moustache when he appeared.

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Mankind will always attempt to predict and prophesy, to find security on the stormy voyage of life, but only time can show us whether they were correct or whether we should forgive their imaginative spelling.

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