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Pound Coin Love Spell

This love spell works upon the principle of magic that performing an action symbolically has an effect on our reality. If you are very smitten with someone and would like them to ask you out but they show no inclination, try this simple love spell. 

Firstly place a shiny one pound coin on the floor. Then chant:

'I am as this coin to my (insert their name),
Valued, wanted and of true worth,
He/She will see me as something precious that must be,
Swept up and valued as prized money,
And more besides they will feel for me,
Love that blossoms inspired by me.'

Now pick up the coin and keep it about your person, it is like a talisman, keep it safe until your sweetheart has shown they are truly in love with you. They will soon notice you and want to keep you treasured! Your pound coin love spell is now completed. Of course this coin can be exchanged for any other currency.


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