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Petal Love Spell

Perhaps you have torn the petals from a flower and said, 'he loves me, he loves me not,' as you pulled each petal away to divine if your sweetheart loves you? This spell uses that old method to create a love spell that will ensure that he or she does love you.

Firstly find your flower, and it's as simple at that, you are now ready to cast your petal love spell. Now visualise the one you desire all fired up with romantic passion for you. Visualise for as long as you are able. Now you are going to pull the petals off the flower, one by one, but this time, as you do so you will chant:

'He/She (insert your lover's name) loves me true,
By Flora's power his desire and love comes to me,
As surely as blossom springs from the tree,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.' 

Your easy petal love spell is now cast. You can repeat it as often you like, this strengthens its power. 



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