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A Love Spell from Oman


Oman, that ancient desert country, once ivaded by the Persians amongst others, has a colourful and rich culture, scented by the Frankincense that grows wild in the hills, and by the flowering Oleander and Acacia trees. The Omani peoples are famously hospitable and will serve guests with qahwa, which is delicious coffee made with cardamon seeds and dishes of dates to sweeten the mouth with the coffee. But love is often problematic and though the Omani home is hospitable to all, love does not easily always find it's way through the souks and bazaars, alleys and desert plains and come to greet the hearts of it's people when invited. So the ancient Omani magicians found ways to encourage love to call.

This is an ancient Omani love spell, to be cast by a man when impatiently looking for a wife, based upon the dishdasha, the men's long, collar-less robe that is ornamented by a tassel that hangs over the front of the neck opening, where a tie would hang in western men's clothing. This tassel used to be dipped in perfume to scent the wearer.

Dishdasha Love Spell from Oman

Take a piece of cloth, it may be a handkerchief or tie if you don't own a dishdasher, wear it for 14 days next to your skin if possible. Do not wash this cloth. Then roll a date up into the cloth and chant over the little bundle:

'By God bring me love to quench my thirst,
By God bring my desired one's love to me,
By God make her love as sweet as this date,
By God's generosity make her love and duty my fate,
By God you know my heart cannot wait,
By God all my heart and duty I will give,
As long as my heart and desire shall live.'

Then take your date and give it to your desired one and let her eat it and she will come to you with her heart bound to yours. Ask from her that she gives you the date's stone and place that in the scented cloth and keep it safely. Yes you must sacrifice your dishdasher, or handkerchief, for this Omani love spell to work!

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