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Oberon's Love Spell

Oberon is King of the Elves, handsome, very clever, and known through time as a helper of those who have had large and difficult tasks to complete such as Huon of Bordeaux, a 9th century nobleman who was written of in later times. So if you have a very difficult obstacle to overcome in order for your lover and you to be together, this love spell is spot on. 

Firstly fetch Oberon a small offering of some delicious food. Then light a red candle and inscribe it with 'Oberon.'  Then imagine your lover and you overcoming this obstacle and being happy and relaxed together. Then chant:

'Oberon mighty King of Elves,
Spirit immortal I ask that you to me come,
And send all my troubles on the run, 
(insert the problem that you wish him to resolve),
Please mend what as mortal I cannot, 
And aid my lover and I so that we may together be praise your powers to the sky,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.' 

Allow your candle to burn down safely and leave the offering for Oberon to find, do not eat it. Your Oberon's love spell is then cast.




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