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Numerology Love Spell

Numerology, the science and magic of numbers and their meaning is imbedded into the very fabric of our universe, numbers are music, the whole of creation is built on numbers they are also of great spiritual significance in that ancient holy book, the Bible. This love spell is for those wanting to reach out into the universe and call love to themselves, a love that would be ideal for them, not just anyone, but their soul mate.

To cast this simple yet powerful love spell, you will need a good quality piece of paper to create your own numerological parchment. When you are unhurried and your mind is relaxed, write upon the paper in a clear, bold and neat hand according to the following instructions:

Insert your name in the centre of the paper and then write the numeral 8 in a large hand on top of your name, in much larger script than your name and then the word 'LOVE.' Then surround your name and the 8 with a pentagram, which is made with one triangle, it's tip pointing downwards and a second triangle with three tips, the first pointing upwards, the second two pointing down from the base of the first triangle, in other words a five pointed star. Then write: 'Venus' and 'Aphrodite' on the top of the paper.

The reason this is a powerful love spell is that the number 8 is the number of abundance and of great wholeness and completeness of something. So your parchment is invoking Venus and Aphrodite to bring to you complete and great love from the cosmos and showing that you have faith that they will know what is best for you and who is best for you. When you have finished making your numerology parchment, roll it up, bind it with red ribbon or red cord and put it away safely, it will call love into your life! When you have done this, your numerology love spell is cast!



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