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Numerology is the ancient belief that there is a connection between numbers and our universe and all creation, or objects. Some say numerology goes back to the ancient Greek mathematician Pythagorus (580 - 490 BC), the 'father of numbers,' who was an early enthusiast but others posit the idea that numerology is older and goes back to the dawn of mankind and ancient Babylon.

Pythagorus thought that mathematical notions were easier to deal with, to order and regulate, than actual physical ones. Today numerology is often used for divination alone but in the ancient world numerology was widespread. In the Bible the number 7 is mentioned repeatedly in the Book of Revelation, it symbolises the wholeness of God's purpose. While the number 2 in the Book of Revelation represents confirming a matter. The number 3 signifies accenting something. The numeral 6 denotes imperfection, something monstrous and abnormal. The number 10 pertains to earthly things and shows their wholeness. The number 40 is shown as the number of trial and tribulation as the Israelites wandered for 40 years in the wilderness; Moses was called up to the mount to receive the commandments for 40 days and Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days by Satan. And need I add everyone dreads reaching 40, which is odd really as the alternative is worse. The Book of Revelation and the whole of the Bible confirm a strong spiritual correlation between the divine pattern and symmetry of both the Universe and the meaning and purpose that lies behind the symbolism of numbers.

St Augustine of Hippo (354 - 430 AD) recorded his thought; "Numbers are the Universal language offered by the deity to humans as confirmation of the truth." This interesting man believed, like Pythagorus, that numbers correspond to everything in creation and that it is up to us to find the keys to this incredible knowledge or better yet hope that the divine spirit would enlighten us. Which some might say the Bible's numerology already had. During his lifetime, in 325 A.D. the famed council of Nicaea exiled Numerology, Astrology, and all forms of divination and magic to the back-shelves of history and lost to academe, their status removed and it became a civil violation to practice these sciences. Astronomy developed from astrology, chemistry from alchemy and mathematics superseded numerology in the same way, leaving numerology now consigned to the dusty and neglected realms of pseudo mathematics. This spiritual exculpation meant that Numerological symbolism and meanings of sacred numbers became lost as distant echoes in time. The 'Jesus number,' 888 and other numerals were studied by Dorotheus of Gaza (505 - 565 A.D.), the Christian saint and abbot and these numbers are still sanctified in some Greek Orthodox churches. It sounds like a list of mobile phone numbers, for Satan, call 666, for God, call 777 and for his Son call 888 - make sure not to misdial...

There are astrologists who think that the numbers from 0 - 9 are connected to and controlled by a planet of our solar system. There are also alchemical theories that correspond to numerology. The great Persian alchemist, Abu Musa Jabir ibn Hayyan (751 - 815) who is also called Geber, was a leading polymath; astronomer, astrologer, philosopher, pharmacist, physician and if that wasn't enough, engineer. His methods of alchemy and his formulae for chemistry are still used and he framed his experiments using numerological patterns. What a man or as the Bible would've said, his brain was a 10.


Sir Thomas Browne was influenced by numerology, when he wrote in 1658, his discourse The Garden of Cyrus. In this treaty he shows that the number 5 is found in a cobweb net of beautiful patterns in the natural world, art and mysticism.

In modern times, Mrs. Dow Balliett revised Pythagorean ideas, mixing his concepts with the beginning of creation in the Bible. Her pupil, Dr Juno Jordan further revised these Numerological ideas and brought the concept popular fame today as 'Pythagorean.'

Numerology today is often woven with strands of thought that reach back to ancient Babylon, tying together the teachings of Pythagorus; the philosophy of astrology from ancient Alexandria; the Kabala; the occult teachings of the Gnostics; early Christian mysticism; the Indian Vedas; the Egyptian Book of the Master of The Secret House, and the Chinese 'Circle of the Dead.'

Number's defined.

There is no absolutely agreed definition of the meaning of any numeral but these meanings are commonplace.

0 - All or Everything

1 - Individual. Aggressor. Yang.

2 - Balance. Union. Receptive. Yin.

3 - Communication/interaction. Neutrality.

4 - Creation.

5 - Action. Restlessness.

6 - Reaction/flux. Responsibility.

7 - Thought/consciousness.

8 - Power/sacrifice.

9 - Completion.

10 - Rebirth.


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