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A Love Spell from Nepal


Nepal is the 'the land of the gods,' where the Himalayas rise up to the touch the heavens and where beauty is found not only in the stunning richness of the scenery but in it's people too, for the beauty in their belief in religious and peaceful coexistence is something the world would do well to emulate today. This is a Hindu Kingdom, where Buddhism, Tantrism and other faiths prosper. Tantrism has given rise to some ideas that are very similar to those held by magical practitioners. They believe that all things are interconnected, and so every action has it's effect. In Sanskrit 'Tantra' refers to the weaving of thread, as in the weaving of all things together, all actions, all people's and all things. This Nepali love spell is for those that wish to improve their relationship on a holistic level.

Nepali Love Spell

Take one blue cord, skein of wool, silk or cotton and another of red, pink, yellow, brown and green. Pick each of the two colours and braid them as one, together with the others in the same way and then tie the ends all together into a knot. These colours represent the differing aspects of your relationship and the relationship as a whole. Take the circle of braided threads and tie it to a tree branch. As you do so, pray to whichever deity you put your trust in that your relationship will flourish and visualise it doing so. Each time the wind blows through the circle your love will be healed and refreshed and your god will hear your prayer, carried to her or him upon the wind.


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