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There are many different types of love spells and a love spell can be either magical, natural or a bit of both...

Some natural love spells include:
pheromones and scent, the seductive aromas of a lady’s perfume may turn the head of any man who finds the fragrance appealing. Very often expensive perfumes contain musk oil which mimics the odour of pheromones, the natural sexual human scent found in sweat and other bodily fluids. When you believe the chemistry between you and another is causing sparks to fly, you are not wrong, your subconscious smells your lovers pheromones and causes you to fall under their spell.

We tend to be attracted to those whose immunity to disease is very different from our own because nature believes this will result in stronger children When this chemistry exists it confirms to a couple that they are supposed to be together. All this data is subconsciously picked up by simply smelling your lover’s pheromones, and it keeps you coming back for more!

Another type of love spell, is a magic or witch love spell:
Most people envisage a witch when the think of love spells. A witch will use candles, herbs, oils and many sumptuous ingredients for her spells. Candles are used to create a magical atmosphere both during witch love spells and a romantic meal for two. The darkness, creates an occurrence known as the Thinning of the Veils this is when the atmosphere becomes magically charged and the witch is closer to the spirit and psychic realms. For the lovers just like the witch, the candle light charges the atmosphere with magic, the lovers are falling under each other’s spell, time stands still, they fall deeper in love.

A witch starts chanting her magical words, while thought, imagination and visualisation are all become part of her work. Meanwhile, elsewhere the two lovers are whispering sweet nothings, grazing into each other’s eyes - no one else exists.

A magic love spell works because the witch alters her reality and operates on a higher realm; the universe brings to us what we ask for, it picks up on thought, words, beliefs and the witch therefore only sees a positive outcome, she magnifies it with aromas, words and thoughts, while her brain waves are in alpha mode, the same frequency used by psychics ... and the same one we naturally tune into when we daydream. The universe is watching and listening, fate is being rewritten.

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