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The Moon's Influence When Casting Spells

The Moon has been used since the beginning of time in magic spells, witchcraft and sorcery. The Moon and stars which influence fate (astrologically) are both of paramount importance to a love spell with their powerful influence!

What makes our planet different from the other eight planets in the Solar System is water, water covers a good two thirds of the Earth's surface - the Moon is known to effect the high and low tides of our planet, we too have high and low tides (our moods); the Moon does affect our bodies and our minds because our bodies are 75% water.

moon and sea

We are aware of the energy of the Sun, we feel its warmth and see its glow. The energy of the Moon is also felt, it has an enormous influence on our actions and emotions (the word lunatic is derived from luna).

A Blue Moon is when there is more than one full moon in a calendar month, this phenomena only happens once every three years or so - hence the saying” once in a blue Moon”.

The Blue moon’s energy is rare and therefore very special and powerful. Unfortunately there isn’t any blue moon is 2008, the next blue moon is 31st December 2009.

Moon signs are useful when casting spells, since the Moon affects our emotions. Moon signs change every two and a half days approximately and can add a special influence to your spell, especially love spells where emotions are of paramount importance.

astro clock

Moon in Aries: great for new beginnings
Moon in Taurus: a cautious and practical influence.
moon in Gemini: versatile and fun.
Moon in Cancer:a powerful emotional and neutering influence.
Moon in Leo: generous and ambitious
Moon in Virgo: practical and efficient.
Moon in Libra: sociable and balancing
Moon in Scorpio: passionate and resourceful
Moon in Sagittarius: spontaneous and exploration
Moon in Capricorn: hard work and ambitious
Moon in Aquarius: unconventional and individuality.
Moon in Pisces: emotional sensitivity, spiritual and fragile.



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