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Montezuma's Chocolatl Chocolate Love Spell

The Aztecs thought that chocolate was a gift from the god Quetzalcoatl, that the cocoa tree was a choice delicacy that he had plundered from paradise. They also believed that their might as a nation and divine enlightenment came from the cocoa bean. The spicy red dyed drink they made from it, chocolatl, was an elixir that their King, Montezuma, drank from special gold chalices and great warriors enjoyed before battle to ensure victory. They knew that cocoa was good for their health, but they also knew the powerful aphrodisiac qualities of chocolate.

To prepare Montezuma's chocolatl chocolate love spell, you will need a mug of full cream milk, 1 dessertspoon of double cream, cocoa powder, a tiny pinch of ginger, a few drops of your favourite liqueur, a vanilla pod, and a drop or two of edible proprietary red food colorant, an attractive (microwave safe) drinking glass such as a goblet and one red candle.

When preparing this love spell, as you gather ingredients, make the potion, and light the candle, have in mind and contemplate the result you wish to manifest from this love spell. Now light your red candle, and then gently heat the milk and whisk in the recommended amount of cocoa to make drinking chocolate. Once hot, remove the pan from the heat and add the spice, the liqueur, the vanilla pod, and the cream, and stir well. Now add the edible food colorant drop by drop, until the drink is a strong red colour. Once it had steeped for ten minutes, remove the vanilla pod. Now pour the drink into a microwave safe glass or goblet.

Sit down and stare into you candle flame and chant:

'By Quetzalcoatl's very might,
When my love drinks this chocolatl love potion,
May his/her love for me be his/her only notion,
May his/her desire and love enflamed be,
By the mere thought of me.'

Now allow your red candle to burn down and reheat your Montezuma's chocolatl chocolate love potion till warm in a microwave and serve it to your lover as an after dinner digestif.


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