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The Trials of Being a Modern Love Spells Witch

It's true that most love spell clients get very enthusiastic about witchcraft and becoming a witch when they start to learn a little through having love spells cast. Hey, this is magic! Yes, it is and being a magic practitioner has many advantages, but there are a few disadvantages that people don't often consider. We still live in a world that hears the echoes of past centuries, when 'burn the witch, ' was a sign that the barbecue season had started. In our world of witchcraft, there is a certain solidarity amongst ourselves but in the outside world people often do not admit to all and sundry that they are witches. Race discrimination is outlawed, sex discrimination is outlawed but many people still think they can pick on or shun others for their beliefs, whether they adhere to the Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Wicca traditions, we all get discriminated against sometimes. But what witches have to contend with is often the worst, people assume we may be weird, scary, green faced hags with halitosis and fangs on the side. If you choose to date a new man, it's best not to inform his mother that you are a love spell witch whilst she politely passes you your tea cup and cup cake, you're likely to get soaked as she spills the tea in shock. Given a little time to get over it, people can see it is an alternative lifestyle and set of beliefs that deserves the same respect as any other, but fear can make people aggressive and this is why some witches stay in the witch closet. Admitting to an employer that you are a witch might just have them promote you faster than a speeding bullet or it might make them give you odd looks over the filing cabinets, either way, it's not always easy being a witch. People see us as people to be wary of, when in my experience, we can be some of the nicest people around. Of course don't go trusting people just because they are witches, every belief system has it's loony adherents and unsavoury characters.

Members of the opposite sex often have a very sultry view of us and well yes, we are all sexy and gorgeous with talents others may lack and an allure to knock socks off, but it can be problematic on having a first lover's tiff when your new man sprints for cover, fearfully feeling himself all over incase he's growing an asses tail and floppy ears. The old myths still abound, and we can suffer on occasion because of this. The witch-finder general is dead, but his ghost lives on. That sweet old lady at the sweet shop, that friendly secretary in the office, that surgeon that gave you heart by pass surgery, may all be witches who choose to keep their beliefs private for fear of ridicule and even persecution. This persecution doesn't come from thinking people, it comes from those who like to choose someone, anyone to have a go at and vent their spleen and vitriol. It comes from people who do not judge us on our merits but on their hankering to give someone a good kicking, however metaphorically, just because they can, and they're that sort.

Being a love spells witch is fascinating, cool, fun, energising, it may be everything you want it to be, but it wont always make you popular, the ignorant man's baser urges show when anyone stands out from the crowd, and many witches who work on the net get abusive emails amongst those sincerely asking for help. Which is always unwise, we may be nice, but self defence is allowed by law and one thing a witch has is many ways to defend herself that are unavailable to others. Having said that most witches shrug off the jibes of the ignorant, but they shouldn't have to do so. Being a witch usually means you believe in the power of gods, and the importance and interconnectedness of mankind as a whole, therefore life is sacred, your life is my life, we are differing aspects of the one.

So when you meet a witch, be as respectful as you would when meeting any spiritual person, and ask her about her faith, don't prejudge her as Christian teachings say, 'Judge not, lest ye be judged and found wanting.'


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