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Mirror Vision to Bring Love Love Spell

This love spell will help anyone that wants to find someone to love. It will help draw love to you as quickly as possible. To cast this love spell you need a good imagination because you are going to conjure your new love from out of a mirror! Yes, it works! Firstly sit beside a mirror comfortably and let your mind relax, no effort is needed now. Don't sit analysing your own reflection, instead watch the light bounce off the mirror, let your mind free fall, until you feel so relaxed you're almost in a daze. Then begin to imagine seeing your new love in the mirror, it doesn't matter if you can't imagine a face or exact details, it doesn't matter if your daydream is hazy, just imagine seeing someone wonderful who loves you and who you love in return, enjoying yourselves together, being happy in one another's company. Practise this more and more each day for as long as you can manage. At the end of each session say aloud:

'Venus please bring me true love who will be single, good and suitable for me,
Who will love me as I love them, wholeheartedly,
An it harm none,
So mote it be.'

Practise this until your destined love strolls into you life, which could be any day! Your mirror vision love spell is cast.


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