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Midsummer Camelot Love Spell

Cadbury Castle in Somerset is an extensive iron age hill fort that is resplendent with many tales that call to us from down the ages. One of which is that Cadbury Castle is the site of the legendary Camelot itself. Because it is an iron age fort which was vacated and then repossessed in the sixth century, when historians believe that King Arthur was a chieftan, Cadbury has every reason to make this claim.

According to archaeological findings it seems that Cadbury/Camelot may have been the hub of what we'd call today a capital city. Legend has it that King Arthur and his knights now lie sleeping, waiting for England's call to arms, beneath Camelot, this fort. Some ancient tales say that their sleepy realm beneath Camelot is protected by a huge iron gate. Every seven years the gate opens on Midsummer's day so that King Arthur and his men may wake for a night, ride across the landscape and enjoy the feeling of life once more in their veins. These ancient warriors are said to ride to a spring that is near to Sutton Montis church. There the midnight riders lead their horses to slake their seven year's thirst. Arthur is also said to ride out along a lane nearby which used to be called 'King Arthur's Lane.'

As this Cadbury Castle has long been thought a special and fabled place, it is rich with energy that can be used to cast love spells. So if you happen to be near on Midsummer's day and feel your relationship needs protection, then you have the perfect opportunity.

Go to Cadbury Castle, a beautiful place to spend such a time of year and enjoy the views and feel the past around you, still living, this is the energy you will tune into to cast your love spell. Imagine your relationship thriving, peacefully from all outside concerns with no rivals or anyone disrupting your happiness together. Now chant:

'Sleepers in the underworld, guardians of Camelot, King Arthur and your knights!
I bid thee awake and hear my plea,
That your power will come and aid me,
Surround my love (insert their name) and I with your strength,
About us form a fort of power,
In this Midsummer's hour,
Forever strong from all that would our love harm,
That our love we may enjoy in calm,
An it harm none, so mote it be,
Thank you knights immortal,
May your power be protect us,
From any mischievous mortal.'

Now you may leave should you choose, solidly holding the picture and belief in your heart and mind that your relationship is now protected and safe.



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