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Message in a Bottle Love Spell

This is a very romantic love spell for those who have been parted from one they love and with whom wish to be reunited. First of all, find yourself a nice bottle, an attractive bottle, it needn't be anything too special or of any value, but one that pleases you. Then sit down, relax, and work out exactly what you wish to happen. Do you wish to merely see your old love and find out if you really want to be with them again, perhaps they've changed. Or maybe you know this person was the love of your life and you know you wish to be reunited with them forever no matter what. What I am saying is be clear about your wish, there is no rush, you might wants to take a few hours of even days to contemplate what you really wish. Then again whilst you are feeling relaxed write at the top of your paper, 'By the power of Venus I here invoke,' then follow this with writing your wish down in clear, neat script on a good quality piece of paper. It's very important that you write your love spells wish succinctly. Do not ramble, you are not writing a love letter nor to a friend, you are stating your wish as briefly and clearly as possible, including both your and your love's initials. When you've done this write at the end of your wish,'An it harm none, so mote it be.'  This is of paramount importance or you could find that your wish is granted but either you or your lover are seriously endangered in the process. 

Then roll up your love spells wish paper and insert it into the bottle and close the bottle very tightly. Now relax again and day dream of your wish manifesting in your life. Your next step is to take the bottle to the sea or a fast flowing river which leads to the sea. Then cast the bottle into the waters and chant:

'By Venus power,
May my wish be carried to me, 
On the tides of the sea as this bottle,
I leave in your care,
Oh Venus great in power fair,
My love (insert their name)and happiness is now in your hands,
An it harm none, 
So mote it be.'

Your message in a bottle love spell is now cast and will bring you what you wish for.



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