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Magical Symbols of Love - Gemstones

Enhance your love spells by using symbols of love in your everyday life!

Gemstones and Crystals

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato, stated crystals and gemstones are from the stars and planets, while Australian Aboriginals and the Native North Americans believed gemstones to be the bones of Mother Nature. Crystals are millions of years old and formed by the chemical reaction created by wind, fire and water. Their healing and magical properties were recognised as far back as 3500 years ago by the Ancient Egyptians. Egyptian rulers were buried with gems to protect their soul as it went on its journey to the next world. They favoured amulets and talismans made of Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Turquoise and Quartz.

In India, in 400 BCE, a Sanskrit document outlined the astrological attributes of gems, and today Indian astrologers still make use of this information when advising a client on how to attract love, luck, health or wealth.

Gemstones remain alluring to mankind in the modern world, people everywhere beautify themselves with stunning gemstones. Lovers exchange gemstones that denote fidelity and union. Gemstones speak a language of their own, some depict devotion, others pure love.

beautify with gemstone jewellery

Gemstones can be used to attract a soulmate, revive passion and help heal a broken heart - gemstones quite literally have a magical effect.

Magic, Healing and Psychic Powers Gemstones

The crystalline structure of gemstones transmits a electromagnetic energy which can be charged to heal, enhance psychic powers and help you manifest your wishes, therefore they are very useful for love spells.

electromagnetic energy
Electromagnetic Energy waves


Most healers ask for help from a higher source, which might be God, an angel, guide or healing deity.

A quartz crystal can be charged to send healing energies to your patient or yourself.

After cleansing your crystal, hold it over your heart, then to charge your crystal with healing energy simply request healing is sent to yourself or the sick person in your own words. Once you have completed your healing session you should thank the healing source.

Gemstones can be used in many different ways for healing, carrying a gemstone that resonates with your health condition is very beneficial. Gemstones can be placed on the affected part of the body or an elixir can be prepared.
Of course, in the case of serious illness always consult your doctor first, however, each gemstone has properties said to help a specific condition.

healing gemstones

Headaches - use Amber, Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli or Moonstone.
Eczema - Emerald
Slimming - Cuprite
Pain Relief - Rose Quartz, or Carnelian
Anaemia - Bloodstone
Anorexia - Rose Quartz
Insomnia - Amethyst or Rose Quartz

Healing Elixirs - How to make your own

Place a gemstone in a glass bowl or pitcher of Lunar Water. To energise your elixir, leave in sunlight for one hour. Add a couple of drops of brandy to your elixir, this will hold the healing energies if you do not use it immediately.

Some gemstones are toxic unless they are polished, if you have any doubts, use externally only.

water and gemstone in pitcher

Magic and Manifestation Gemstone Spells

Create a charm bag by using a small purse or draw string bag. Your bag should contain ingredients linked to your wish.

If you are seeking love, add a Rose Quartz gemstone (pink for love), rose petals, herbs associated with love and a hand written request for a new love to come into your life.
For a Magic Money Charm Bag, Jade will attract to you wealth and prosperity.
For health use Amber.
Protection requires Snowflake Obsidian a black and white gemstone, which will protect you from: all evil, accidents, illness and bad luck. The black represents your physical body, while the white represents your soul.
Blue Lace Agate will attract good luck in general
Aventurine a pale green gemstone and is used for attracting financial good luck as well as Jade.
Tiger’s Eye, either the yellow/brown or blue versions will attract good luck.
Snow Quartz a white stone is calming.
Malachite a brilliant green gem is used for transformation.
Carnelian an orange stone is beneficial for energy.

magic charm bag

Psychic Powers

In candlelight, hold a cleansed quartz crystal point in your left hand which is linked to the right hand side of your brain - the psychic side, allow yourself to drift into a light meditative state, as your brain waves slow down clairvoyance and psychic abilities are triggered. With your eyes half closed, half open ask a question and allow images to form in the crystal, these images will represent the answers to your questions.

Gemstones for Love

Attracting a soulmate
Throughout the centuries gemstones have been used to express love and stimulate passion. If you want to attract your soulmate place a cleansed Rose Quartz in your bath water. Rose Quartz will melt away any love blockages and clear the way for your true love to appear.

Healing a broken heart
Heartache is a painful and no matter how much you want a relationship, a painful past experience can make you think twice. Kunzite is a pink gemstone that activates the heart chakra and fills it with peace, calm and purity. It will delete emotional baggage left behind from the past.

Happy romance
Diamonds unite two lovers and are therefore popular for engagement rings. Cupid’s arrows were allegedly tipped with diamonds. Diamonds are 50 times harder than any other mineral.

Herkimer Quartz Crystal

Herkimer Quartz Crystal are known as Herkimer Diamonds, they are mined in Herkimer County, New York and are three times stronger than normal Quartz. Herkimer Quartz Crystals are double terminated quartz crystals that grow in soft mud.

Herkimer Quartz cCystal

Place a cleansed Herkimer Quartz Crystal under your pillow to record your dreams.
To charge a Herkimer Quartz Crystal to manifest your wishes try the following crystal spell.

Herkimer Quartz Crystals are computers with the capacity of receiving, storing and releasing energy upon command. Programming a crystal is very similar to programming a computer, both require clear, logical input to extract concise output! The only difference is the computer programmer needs complicated machine language, while the crystal user requires simple everyday pictorial thought.

After cleansing your Herkimer Quartz Crystal you can cast your spell using the following procedure:

1, Hold the Herkimer Quartz Crystal in your left hand (linked the the right hand side of the brain, the psychic side).

2, Your request can now be installed. Your wish should be thought out in sequential picture form. Your thought form will travel from your mind to your left hand and into the Herkimer Quartz Crystal where all images will be amplified.

3, If you are using your Herkimer Quartz Crystal to obtain a specific material request such as money, a car, house or whatever you desire, after you have charged your Herkimer Quartz Crystal you can keep a picture of what you desire under it - the thought form when combined with a picture increases the strength of the spell. To ensure your request has been sufficiently embedded repeat the charging process for a period of seven days.

Choosing a Crystal or Gemstone

It is said that a crystal always finds its way to its true owner. When you choose crystals and gemstones you should select the ones you like the look and feel of. When you pick up a crystal and run your hands over it, don’t be surprised if you experience a tingling sensation, this means the crystal is for you.

Birth Gemstones

Carry your birth gemstone with you to attract good luck, health and happiness.

birth gemstones

Aries - Diamond
Taurus - Emerald
Gemini - Agate
Cancer - Moonstone
Leo - Onyx
Virgo - Carnelian
Libra - Sapphire
Scorpio - Beryl
Sagittarius - Topaz
Capricorn - Jet
Aquarius - Amethyst
Pisces - Aquamarine

Crystal Healing for Animals

Rose Quartz when placed under your pet’s bed will help to comfort and calm a nervous animal.
Your pet will benefit from drinking Lunar Water in which a charged Herkimer Quartz Crystal has been soaked.



Place Amethyst under your pillow and add a couple of drops of Amethyst Elixir Lunar Water to a milky drink before going to bed.


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