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Magical Symbols of Love - Broad Beans

Enhance your love spells by using symbols of love in your everyday life!

Broad beans are known as 'nature's Viagra' because they are rich in a substance called L-Dopa which has been linked to the human libido. Broad beans can also be used to treat Parkinson's diease and help control high blood pressure

Broad bean spell to attract health or grant a wish (including a love wish):

Using a pan full of Magical Lunar Water (see the Lunar Water page to learn how to prepare your Magical Lunar Water) boil your broad beans for 10 to 15 minutes, as you cook them chant:

Magic moon, magic beans
Grant the wish of my dreams.
Now state your wish three times.

Eat your beans as part of your meal or on their own, as you eat them concentrate on your wish. Keep your wish a secret.

broad beans

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