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Healing Magic for a Happy Dog

Edmundo is a Labrador who loves his family very much, as all dogs do. He likes to be of service to his people and fetch the paper in the morning, do guard duty patrol if he ever hears any unusual noises in the night, and be the meeter and greeter, the host with bonhomie whenever guests arrive, Edmundo is always waiting, to offer a paw and a cheery, waggy welcome. Edmundo has lived a happy eight years with his family, the family of which he likes to think he takes good care.

"Ed was a rescue dog," his owner Rick Reynolds explains," and he was a very nervous 6 month old puppy when we got him. He shied away from us all for quite a while, even my little girl Juana couldn't get near enough him to stroke him, he just hid under furniture and refused to come out. My wife managed to pet him but not the rest of us."

Edmundo romps up to me in the Reynolds' garden, his tail wagging with the speed of a fan and then lies on his back to have his stomach tickled, his legs in the air, squirming joyfully and luxuriantly. So how did the Reynolds family manage this transformation in Edmundo?

Edmundo and Juana
Edmundo & Juana

"I showed Edmundo I like to play," explains 13-year-old Juana, and after a few weeks he wanted to join in, " she smiles. "I played ball with my friends and showed him I was fun," Juana giggles as Edmundo tries to get on her lap to reach the biscuit she's eating.

"Ed was so shy and nervous at first that although he was house trained when we got him, he'd wet himself if you approached him too quickly," Rick says smiling at Edmundo's efforts to wangle a biscuit out of one of us, "but we showed him we loved him and were very gentle until he felt safe enough to trust us."

Lila, Rick's wife adds, " he just needed to know we'd never hurt him and he was safe. We were worried he'd have long-term behavioural problems but luckily I'm Wiccan, a witch and I did a few healing spells to soothe his spirit and calm him down, remove his fears, you know, allow him to relax."

Juana gets up and strides across the garden, bouncing a ball enticingly, as Edmundo watches with happy excited eyes. Juana throws the ball at Edmundo who is off like a flying bomb, shooting after the ball, all happiness, all health. It's a lovely sight, one big happy human and canine family, enjoying life together. Ricky, Juana and Lila are very lucky to have Edmundo and as Edmundo grabs the ball, eyes gleaming, tail wagging he runs back to Juana and drops it at her feet, after giving it a good quick chew, Edmundo is obviously a very lucky dog too.

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